Christmas Tree

Handmade Holiday Christmas Tree

A Handmade Holiday

While I have many great tree designs from Christmases past, I’m loving this one for it’s meaningful homemade touches.

The Same But Different

So, if you’ve been here before, this tree may look the same, but… it’s also a bit different.

This tree is unique from all of my other trees because it incorporates several handmade elements and uses those big vintage-inspired colored lights.

How To Decorate A Handmade Holiday Christmas Tree

Start with Ribbon You may have never done this before, but I highly recommend it.

Christmas Tree Decoration Tips

Pick a Color Scheme

Typically color leads my way, but sometimes the theme will be inspired by a dress Adele wore or feelings of nostalgia.

While I’m typically a white lights person, I threw caution to the wind and opted for big vintage-inspired colored lights.

Sprinkle in Your Personality

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