Christmas Charcuterie Cups

If you want to wow your guests this holiday season with a spectacular appetizer, then you need to make these Christmas Charcuterie Cups. A winner in both presentation and flavor, these are individual festive charcuterie boards served in a cup.

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Charcuterie Cups for Christmas

Instead of using a small mason jar, I’m using these fun paper cups. I also swapped out a few of the ingredients for more seasonal goodies.

I promise that you’ll get a “wow” or two from the crowd.

How To Make Christmas Charcuterie Cups

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Here's What You'll Need

- cheeses - meats - berries - fruits - veggies - nuts - dried fruit - olives


Begin by filling your containers with smaller items like nuts and grapes.


Tuck in your crackers toward the back of the container.

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Christmas Charcuterie Cups