I had this crazy idea last night. It’s either going to work wonderfully and be super fantastic, or it’s going to be a big flop. But, either way, I’m going for it.

So, my idea … I thought it would be fun if I had YOU decided the content of Inspired by Charm for one week. You leave the suggestions, I’ll choose five and do them.

Inspired By Charm

You may want me to post another cake recipe…

Inspired By Charm

Neapolitan Cake

Maybe you want me to make another sign…

Inspired By Charm

The making of a sign

Or paint another wall…


Chevron Wall Tutorial

Perhaps there’s a ‘Very Pinteresting’ you want me to do…

Inspired By Charm

Very Pinteresting: Sangria

Or come up with another unique garden project…

Inspired By Charm

Hanging Scale Planter

All you must do is leave a suggestion below in the comments. You can leave one suggestion or twenty. I will then choose five of those, and that will be my content for the week.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Or super dumb?

I hope you like it because this isn’t going to work without your help. I’m going to need quite of few comments to make this all work. So get commenting. Okay, okay, you can enter today’s giveaway first, but then come back and leave your suggestions.

Have a fab weekend everyone!

And now it’s time for Day Five of Inspired by Charm’s One Millon Followers Eight Day Giveaway Pinterest Party Extravaganza!


Inspired By Charm

Today’s giveaway comes from the paint covered hands of South of Main Street

Inspired By Charm

Kathy of  South of Main Street is giving away the winners choice of one of her medium sized signs or six of her oversized Scrabble letters. 

Inspired By Charm

To enter to win one of these amazing creations, 

CLICK HERE or the button below:

Inspired By Charm

Good Luck!

Inspired By Charm


Day One: 365 Days of Slow Cooking

Day Two: Chloe + Isabel

Day Three: Harmony Farm Candles

Day Four: On a Branch Soaps

Day Five: South of Main Street

Day Six: Gallery Ali

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By CharmInspired By Charm

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  • Kristen @ My Covered Bridge at

    Since I’m spending the day sprucing up my yard, I would love to see another one of your beautiful garden ideas! I love your hanging scale planter!

  • Melissa @ No. 2 Pencil at

    I’d be happy with them all, but I’d love to see a new sign! I love your artwork!!!

  • psteenie at

    I created and now am obsessed with Fairy Gardens. Every cute little plant and rustic little building. I pinned great idea using an old, broken terracotta pot. Would love to see other ideas – there’s not a lot out there…al lot of the same everywhere I searched. A great way to do some gardening on a small scale!

  • Suze at

    I’d like to see your creativity come up with some great ideas for a family reunion, theme, food and recipes, banners, games, etc……
    ps, our family is having a reunion this summer!

  • Tina at

    pinned on pinterest! porch sign would look awesome on my front porch.

  • Anonymous at

    Using objects for gardening (like you did with the scale) would be terrific. We (readers) could keep those ideas in mind when going to yard and tag sales this summer.

    What other DIY projects do you have up your sleeve? I like seeing what projects others are working on – so inspiring. You have great ideas too, which makes it even more fun.

  • Anonymous at

    1. I’d love to see a party planning idea/post…maybe the menu, little touches to the table/ favors/ flowers. I don’t know–a summer soiree theme?
    2. Also, I love the fabric color combinations you put together. How about a small quilted throw or picnic blanket sewing post?
    3. or how about a favorites post on tools, products you can’t live without? (I don’t think you did this before, but I’m not sure).

    Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be wonderful!

  • Anonymous at

    I’d love to see “A Day on the Town: What Keeps Me Inspired” as a post…your blog and pins are so inspiring!


  • Tonya at

    Antique stuff….love to see the finds! But also love the idea of a summer party…decor, recipes, etc. New to your blog but loving it!

  • Meg at

    Pinned and cited on Pinterest. Love these signs! In case I don’t win, how might you do something similar DIY style?

  • Loree at

    Gardening – I love how you repurpose things!!

  • Marlene Fast at

    I just very recently discovered your blog, so I haven’t had a chance to go through all the past posts as yet – but your place sounds charming – have you photographed each room? Since I’m a photographer, I love seeing photos of how people decorate and you do a fabulous job of all the little ‘detail’ photos! I’ve also enjoyed your recipe for Nutella rolls and the photos there were great as well – I haven’t tried them – but I will.

  • Cynthia Berthiaume at

    We are designing a small playhouse (probably 8′ w x 6′ d) for our twin boys who are 15 months old. I’d love to see your thoughts on designing for mini-kind!!

  • Anonymous at

    Hi Michael, I’m not sure how to categorize it but I esp. like your Pinterest page you call “i create”. Any kind of thing you’d put on that page would be great.

    I know, big help I am.

    Jennifer G.

  • Erin at

    This is such a cool idea, Michael!

    My first inclination is to suggest doing a quilting project. Something small…maybe some cute little potholders to hang on the wall in your kitchen?

    Another idea that just popped in my head is a barn quilt. They’re all over the place in Western NC (and many other rural parts of the U.S.) and I really want to make one at some point. I know you could make a spectacular one and it would combine your love of sign painting and the colorfulness of quilts.

    Okay, that’s all I have right now. 🙂

  • Anonymous at

    1. of course another garden project:)

    2. your porch rails and how you did them, supplies/tools needed, etc.

    3. a post about your kittehs…and any fabulous tips you have for bedding, toys, litter boxes, etc.

    4. how to arrange furniture in difficult spaces

    5. recipes/ideas for those of us who are single but still would like to eat well…it’s so hard to prepare meals for just one person!

    6. And last but not least, I like the idea from a previous anonymous poster “A Day on the Town: What Keeps Me Inspired”. I myself often wonder how you manage to accomplish so much every day. What motivates you? Inspires you? You are truly an inspiration to us!

    Rebecca G.

  • Jessica at

    Love your site!

    I pinned the Happy place sign to my pinterest account – so cute!

    Project ideas –
    Well I love to sew, knit and make thing and I am always looking for cute storage ideas for all the little bits, pins and bobbins. If you have any ideas that would be great!


  • emily at

    I would love another gardening post; you have such wonderful ideas with repurposed old/antique items!

  • slip4 at

    Posts I would like to see:
    Entertaining (like the post recently where you had bloggy friends to stay)
    Another sign (always good!)
    More featured items from your gift shop – love to see them even if I can’t buy them!

  • Elle at

    I’d love a tour of your gift shop or maybe a behind the scenes look – a peak into your closets, cupboards, workroom, basement, garage, attic… Just keeping it real:)

  • MissE at

    I love crystals, glass and small prisms. I’m looking for a way to display/hang my items as a grouping.
    I’ve thought about using a tree branch anchored inside a bucket, pot or other pretty container.

  • sissyanne at

    How about a room remodel? I need to redo my bedroom, could use some ideas???

  • Lynn@ The Vintage Nest at

    Hey Michael, Just found your charming blog…..love it! It’s so charming. 🙂 Just have had a chance to read through several post and adored the hanging scale flowering basket. Love repurposed items so I would love to see some more repurposed ideas for the garden. Hope you can come for a visit some time. Have a wonderful weekend. ~ Lynn @thevintagenest

  • Lacy Gillott at

    Hi there!
    I am going camping next Thursday. Where I am going there is no picnic table, shower, or even toilet. I can bring supplies although my space is limited for I have to take a boat over to the island I will be camping on. I’d really like to see a post with all natural solutions using our surroundings as the material.

  • Debby at

    Another unique gardening idea, please.

  • Jodie at

    That “this is my happy place” sign is too darn cute. Unique gardening project gets my vote.

  • Kimberly at

    I loved the painted wooden sign “Believe in yourself”. I pinned it today!!!!

  • Anonymous at

    I love party themes together with decorating and food ideas.
    Camp cooking.
    Bird feeders.

  • Kelly McCaulley at

    Hi Michael! Love your blog. I just want to carry you around in my pocket! Anyway, I dream of someday owning a small B&B on a mini farm where I grow my own food. It would be great if you could post something on “A day in the life of a B&B owner”. I would love to see the ideal breakfast you serve and see the bedrooms all made up with crisp sheets. All your personal touches that make your guests feel special. Plus, anything with that East Coast charm would be a super bonus! I grew up in Maryland and have been living out west for the last 15 years, so I am in dire need of something that doesn’t look like the hot, dry desert. Sorry for the novel. Look forward to reading your blog every morning! -K

  • Unknown at

    How about small “ponds” or water features for the back deck? Something unique and different from the usual barrel with the liner that is often seen?

  • Anonymous at

    I need to plan an elegant cocktail party for 150 VIP guests following a Benefit Concert this summer… on a next to nothing budget! I’d love to see your ideas for a menu of finger foods and decor!!

  • Happy Little Crafter at

    How about some creative Father’s Day ideas?…and I would love some summertime drink ideas (some with and some without alcohol)to serve in one of those large dispensers with a spout that would look as nice as the drink tastes! Thank you so much! Love your blog <3

  • LomoLoco at

    OMG… I’m loving your blog and your pins!

    Can you probably plan out themed dinner party ideas that includes themes, recipes, cocktails, deco…

    I was actually planning to steal your idea of your “this is my happy place” board and make something similar and nail it on my office wall! 🙂

  • RetroSandie at

    Michael, I love your blog! It’s always interesting with lots of great pix, no matter what you write about! I especially like to see your “finds” and what you do with them. It’s always something clever…BTW, I like the shelf just the way it is. The beauty of the weathered wood goes well with all of the other items. Please show us more — inside as well as outside!!!!

  • Grand Button at

    Since I pinned the sign “Life is better on the Porch” and then posted on FB, I have had lots of comments……seems a lot of my friends feel the same way!!

    Oh and by the way….do more on porches…love all the things you have done so far….the old funnels are perfect….how about an evening porch, with lamp light.

  • Kristy A at

    Michael, love your blog & follow your pins! Would love to see a ‘Serenity Summer Spot’ to chill & relax. Using your creativity, artistic notions, recipes & any other fun items u decide.

  • six at

    You mentioned your bowl rack/shelf needed something else to make it more contemporary. I thinks it’s lovely, but if you’re looking for projects, that may be one.

    As example:
    The bottom facing board would take a few strands of some type of decorative wire, adorned with old flat washers (painted and/or rustic), some terracotta disks, and/or a few light refracting sparklies. You probably have a heck of a lot of spins on this.

    It will be going through seasonal changes and would be a great way to keep it in the party. I’d love to see what you would produce, and it’s an easy transitional update project to apply so many ways.

    I’d keep it as flat as possible to avoid any ‘snag-tastrophies’, but I love the way the rack brings in the ‘established home’ look to the porch.

  • six at

    I must add… after my latest pesky bug bite, I’m looking for a way to use the vanilla extract and water more conveniently.

    Where I am now, the mosquitoes and fly’s are always bad. They will only get worse as summer comes. The vanilla extract & water is hands down, surefire, simply amazing. It instantly works on kids, pets and me (mosquitoes love me :/ ). If I had only know the last time I lived here.

    The issue is that you have to re-apply, which is only a minor detail in the face of all the benefits, so a nearby ‘diffuser’ of sorts is in order. I’m a big fan of form following function. There must be a way to put this to use.

    I’m not really fond of having overwhelming citronella take over my outside enjoyment. I thought a project of ‘trials’ on aesthetic but functional re-purposing to find/create a handy, mobile diffuser that works for insect control might be interesting.

  • DecorandtheDog at

    Hands down..garden projects. My deck needs some serious love and I’m stumped!

  • Lucy at

    Garden projects (especially from found or repurposed or easy-to-build/make projects. I’d also like to see a post about your best tips as a B&B owner, whether they are cleaning or prepping or timesaving or entertaining. I can’t think of anything you’ve done that I haven’t found interesting.

  • foxnm at

    toss up between “dinner is served’ and “this is my happy place”! pinned!

  • Shannon at

    I like outside garden/porch decor posts since I’m stumped to my house’s curb appeal. I actually found an antique hanging scale, smaller than yours, the other day and was considering just blantantly copying you but it was $38 and that made me frown.

  • Anonymous at

    I would love to see how you decorate in your bathrooms.
    I also would love to see more giveaways (especially those troll beads 🙂 ). I enjoyed learning about all of these new places. What great advertising for them and you!



  • Anonymous at

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