i’m going to write this post based on the assumption that you’ve heard (and, of course, loved) etta james – at last.

it’s been a while since i made any sort of printable. maybe last valentine’s day? anyway, the other day i stumbled across this video on youtube of darren criss (yes, i watch glee and love every minute of it). the part of the video where he mentions the song lyric form ‘at last’ – my heart was wrapped in clover – stood out to me.

wrapped up in clover - close up

i’ve always sang those lyrics but never understood what i was singing. this happens to me a lot. so i did a little google search to uncover the meaning of ‘in clover’. it turns out its a term of endearment. it means that the person was absolutely smitten.  aww. beautiful, right?

so, wit that, i was inspired to make this little print. great for all year long, but kind of perfect for valentines day.

wrapped up in clover

here is the link to a free PDF copy of the print. once you download it, just print it from your computer printer like i did. once it’s framed, no one will ever know! it’s our little secret.

printable artwork

i did add a little ‘created by’ text. my guess is that it may not even show up when you print it since it’s so close to the bottom. but if it does, once you frame it in an 8×10 frame, it won’t show. promise.

wrapped up in clover - display

what do you think? love it? hate it?

either way, enjoy it!

Inspired By Charm

*updated 1/20/11 – RIP Etta James, your music will live on forever in my heart, wrapped up in clover.

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  • slip4 at

    Love it! A great little print. While I am here, let me say that I really enjoyed my holiday Folk magazine! Very pretty. Could I offer one bit of constructive feedback? The text was often printed on top of the photos, and it was hard to read at times. I thought it was just me, but my 20-year-old daughter pointed it out to me also. But we both loved the magazine!

  • Alexis at

    Totally LOVE

  • Ali Richardson at

    It’s beautiful!! I love that song (and I’m a total “gleek” too).

  • Shannon at

    I can’t say I remember those exact lyrics after hearing that song three billion times even! But it’s definitely a pretty print. I love the bokeh-like graphic and your font choice.

  • Sandi at

    From a fellow gleek, love it.

  • Erin at

    Definitely love it! That phrase, like the song, is romantic and old-fashioned and just lovely.

  • Jenny Hayes at

    Okay, I have to say I L♥VE it! Valentines Day holds a special place in my ♥! I follow you on Pinterest, and stumbled acrossed this, I think I will be following your blog as well if you don’t mind 😉 I swear I pin everything!! LOL….so addicting!

    I had twin girls born on Valentines Day, they would be 5 this year, one passed at 3 days, the other at 3 1/2 years, I miss them so much, but I know they watch over me now. My girls were (are) a blessing! ♥

  • ding at

    ….LOVE… Simple and beautiful!

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