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How to Make a Marshmallow Wreath #marshmallowwreath #christmas #holiday #diy #handmade #craft #wreath #christmaswreath

Marshmallow Wreath

Grab a few bags of marshmallows, a wreath form, and some toothpicks because I'm teaching you how to make a fabulous, festive, and fluffy marshmallow wreath!
Crafting Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour


  • Start with your wreath form. You can use any size you like. The one shown uses a 10-inch form.
  • Grab your marshmallows and toothpicks. For this size wreath, I needed almost 3 standard-size bags of marshmallows and I used standard double-sided toothpicks.
  • Start with the outer edge of the wreath, press a toothpick into the wreath form, and then add a marshmallow to the toothpick. The toothpick should be in the wreath far enough that it doesn't stick out the opposite end of your marshmallow.
  • Continue working all the way around the outer edge until it is full. I like to place the marshmallows pretty close together for a filled-in look. You can add the marshmallows in any direction you'd like. For my wreath, I varied the direction for a more whimsical look. In regards to the wreath my mom made, she was pretty consistent with how she placed the marshmallows so it looks a bit tidier.
  • With the outer ring of the wreath complete, repeat the same process in the inner ring.
  • Once you have the outside and inside of the wreath complete, just start filling in. I recommend filling in one area and working your way around the wreath until you end up back where you started.
  • Once the wreath is full and filled, add on a ribbon and a bow and hang that beauty up.


You can find the ribbon I used HERE. I think this red and white striped ribbon pairs perfectly with the marshmallows. If for some reason that is sold out, check out these HERE and HERE.
Now, I will say that the toothpicks are not foolproof. You are likely going to have a rogue marshmallow or two, especially once you hang it. When this happens, pull out your hot glue gun and glue those marshmallows into place. I had about 3-4 marshmallows that were being stubborn on this particular wreath. With a few dabs of hot glue, I've had no other issues.