Progress on the attic has been continuing over the past couple weeks. I’m learning that even the smallest details take so long to accomplish. Especially since we are working from ‘nothing’. We have a general plan on what the finish project should look like but none on the small steps laid out in detail.


Anyway, here are some of the things that were accomplished last week.


See the large strip of floor missing? Well, we accidentally cut into a gas line we thought was empty. This was the old gas line that ran into all the bedrooms to provide gas to the old lights in the house. After we cut into this line we had to quickly tear down one of the wall we built to access the pipes to seal off the line. Crisis averted. The two small boxes on either side of the window are little built-in behind the main wall. They will hold my wine cooler and a mini-fridge. It’s tough to see, but we all began the process of running electricity. See the wires?

On the right…the large opening… is the beginning of another built-in. This will be a space for me to tuck my TV and related equipment into the wall. This way I won’t have to take up any floor space for that equipment! Good idea, huh?

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  • Amber at

    Michael, I love attic rooms. Yours is going to be very beautiful I am sure. I can’t wait to see it. As far as living in the basement goes, we all do what we need to do at times…that is life right? I have 5 kids and I had to wait until they were all in school to follow any of my dreams (although I always had a project or a free lance job or 20 projects…lol…it’s a problem) but it is always worth it and you find that it all comes together somehow and make sense in hindsight. Luckily, you are one of those people that “make a place beautiful” and I don’t just mean by decorating it. You have a wonderful, honest personality that brightens the world around you. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I know it takes time and effort.
    And as far as your question about sleep goes…I have trouble at times too. It depends on what I am doing and what projects I am caught up in but I really don’t want to sleep at times. I can’t shut my mind off and I just want to move forward. I feel like it is a waste of time and it annoys me. I mostly stay up late however until I fall over. Funny though, the older I get, the more sleep I need and the more I feel it if I don’t get it. or maybe it’s the coffee…:)

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