winners and a finished quilt top


first, and briefly, before i announce the winners of the FOLK magazine giveaway, i wanted to show you what i finished this weekend.

a quilt {inspired by charm} - finished top

yep, i finished the top of a quilt {inspired by charm}!! isn’t it fantastic?! i’m in love. oh goodness. there is hope i will finish this thing. now that it’s together i need to pick a backing. any suggestions? please help me! the binding, as i mentioned is going to be a black and white stripe. but backing aside, it it not beautiful. who would have thought.

okay, one more delay before i announce the winners. to enter, i asked you what place you’d like to visit most in america. i though it would be fun to put together a little map of all you answers.

Giveaway Questions - Map

pretty cool, right? it was so interesting to read all of you answers. thank you. it seems like california and the new england /n ew york city area were the most popular. and to be honest, i was most surprised that more people wanted to visit alaska verses hawaii. not me! i want the sun and sand!

ok, now on to the winners…

Folk Subscription Winners Image

from the blog:

subscription and single copy winner is: Carrie Rosalind 

two single copy winners are: Jerusalem and Decor and the Dog 

from facebook:

subscription and single copy winner is: Carri Elledge-Wright 

two single copy winners are: Mary Eichman and Jennifer Watkins Jones

(facebook winners – if you have a blog or website, let me know and i’ll link it up) 

ladies, congratulations! all six single issue copies will be shipped by me from my little inn. i expect them to go out on friday. Carrie and Carri (so crazy that two Carri(e)’s are the big winners) you subscription will start with issue IV and ship from FOLK. i’ll ship issue III and i’ll pass your addresses to them directly. essentially you’ll be receiving a total of seven issues.

i will attempt to contact you all via email as i will need your mailing addresses. should you read this before i contact you, please just email me your mailing address to:

thanks to everyone that entered! i honestly wish i could send you all a copy. have a great evening everyone!

Inspired By Charm

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  • MaryAnn at

    Love your blog! Please do be careful about cats and thread/fabric. We lost a cat after a week in the hospital and $4k vet bill… he swallowed a long strip of fabric that I had trimmed from a valance project. So sad, and I felt so guilty. Now I only work in a craft room so I can shut them out of the mess.
    Congrats on finding your dreams!
    Mary Ann

  • Jessmarie at

    Hi Michael! New reader here — fantastic blog you’ve got!

    Must say I’m disappointed to see that nobody chose to visit Minneapolis! Love it! I often feel like it’s one of the most under-appreciated city in America. But I’m biased, of course. 🙂

  • Sandi at

    Congratulations on your lovely quilt! It’s been one of my goals since I was a teenager, and…I guess what I’m saying is maybe I wish I were you.

  • Deb @ Paper Turtle at

    Congrats to the winners! So glad one is my daughter (Carrie) so I can borrow her copies when she’s done with them.

    And a big congrats to you on finishing the quilt. I love it!!! I echo what Kate said about the batting and the spray, and I’ll add that I’ve used flat sheets for backing my quilts in the past. It gives you one big piece of fabric so you don’t have to have seams running down the back. With your impeccable taste I’m sure it will be fantastic no matter what you choose!

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