Why I Started Jenny Craig


Thank you Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post. Tried other ideas? It’s time for Jenny Craig.

Yep. I’m on Jenny Craig, and I’m pretty excited about it. Let me explain.

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about my general state of being (which hasn’t been great), how I’ve been considering a change in location, and ways I’m going about improving my happiness. One of the things that was really bothering me was the fact that I had gained a few pounds over the past year.

Since January began I had been doing my best to lose weight, and no matter what I did, the scale wouldn’t budge. As luck would have it (It’s “The Secret” at work.), the folks from Jenny Craig reached out to me (not in response to my post) and asked if I’d like to try their program.

Why I'm on Jenny Craig | Inspired by Charm

While their email certainly piqued my interest, I honestly didn’t know much about Jenny Craig or how the program worked. So, I visited their website and did my own research via Google. When it comes to dieting, I tend to do best on programs that have some sort of regimen. What I loved about the idea behind Jenny Craig is that I barely needed to make any decisions. This is a huge plus for me. Being self-employed, I make about a million decisions each day. (That’s an exaggeration, but it feels like it some days.) So when it comes to deciding what to eat, I usually choose what’s easiest. As you’d expect, easy isn’t always best.

The thought of having a menu made for me every day is what really won me over – no points, no tracking. Plus, it was finally a reason to take off these extra pounds that have been causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. 2017 is my year to find the happiness that I’ve been seeking. This opportunity was a great step toward that. I was in!

Before I talk about the program (I’m sure many of you are curious.), I should tell you that I’ve been on it for exactly three weeks, and I’ve lost 8 pounds.* As you can imagine, I’m super excited about my progress and so thankful that Jenny Craig is working. (*Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration.)

Why I'm on Jenny Craig | Inspired by Charm

Now, a bit about the program. I’m using the Jenny Craig Anywhere program since I don’t live near a center. This means that my food is shipped to me (every two weeks), and I chat with a consultant every week. My consultant, Kim, has been wonderful. The phone calls only last about 15 minutes, but after talking with her I always feel more motivated and inspired. We discuss the meals, healthy eating tips, any challenges I’m having with it, and my goals for the week ahead. It’s like a 15-minute food therapy session.

Why I'm on Jenny Craig | Inspired by Charm

About the food: The majority of what’s in the meals is shipped to me. I’m responsible for adding things like fresh greens, vegetables, fresh fruit, and dairy (usually Greek yogurt).

Why I'm on Jenny Craig | Inspired by Charm

After being on the program for three weeks, I’ve been greatly impressed with the quality and flavor of the foods. There are more than 100 menu items created by 40 professional chefs. Of course, I don’t love everything, but as a quasi-foodie, I’ve been surprisingly and genuinely pleased. Most of the items are frozen and require a few minutes in the microwave to warm them up. The program is flexible to accommodate allergies and personal preferences. I’m not a huge fan of fish, so those items were swapped out for something different.

Why I'm on Jenny Craig | Inspired by Charm

I’m on the 1500 calorie program. Each week I’m given a menu plan, listing what to eat (of course, substitutions are allowed if there is something I don’t want). There’s also a list of Fresh & Free Additions, which consist primarily of fruits, vegetables, and seasonings. You can consume these in moderate amounts if you’re feeling hungry throughout the day. However, I must say, I haven’t been hungry once since starting the program. To keep your metabolism moving and grooving, the menu is broken up into six “meals.” For me, it’s been more than enough food.

Why I'm on Jenny Craig | Inspired by Charm

In addition to eating the prescribed meals, I’ve also been much more active. Exercise isn’t required to lose weight on the Jenny Craig program, but for me, it was important to get moving. Over the course of the past three weeks, I’ve jogged, walked, or used the elliptical machine for a total of over 65 miles! Another goal of mine is to start incorporating some weightlifting in the next week or two.

Why I'm on Jenny Craig | Inspired by Charm

I’m excited about the program and feel fortunate that Jenny Craig came into my life. (Their delicious cinnamon rolls help too.) It’s been a huge help to me. This week, I’ve also been doing more research into “that move” that I talked about. More on that soon. While I still have my days, 2017 is looking more promising!

Thanks for joining me on this self-improvement journey. I’ll pop back in with another update soon.


This post was sponsored by Jenny Craig and the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
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  • Chrystie at

    Congratulations!!!!! I am considering joining JC. Was already overweight, then had 2 deaths in my family. Managed to gain another 30 pounds over that (eating fast food while I was constantly going back and forth to the hospital all hours of the day and night. I’m a mess, but I hope JC will be able to help me get back on track and get this weight off.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You’re not mess. You did the best you could.

      And best of luck with Jenny. If you stick to the program and toss in a little exercise, it really does work.

      xo Michael

  • Pamela Caudill at

    You seem to be sorting through things. That is excellent! When your physical being is happy, your mental being follows. Continue your positive steps!

  • Mary at

    I reached my goal weight on JC. It took about 6 months & I’ve kept it off for almost a year.
    When I started doing Jenny, I also joined a gym close to home that offered group exercise classes. Being an introvert, it was hard to join the classes. But I was committed to becoming healthy. Now…I look forward to my classes. I’ve made some great friends & do a class 6 mornings a week.
    Even though I don’t need to lose any more weight, I will continue to eat Jenny food. If I go off the program I’ll gain my weight back. I refuse to let that happen. The food is great. I hate to cook. So why not?

  • Reenie at

    I loved their food when I was on it years ago. It was a little over $100.00 a week, plus the cost of the food you had to purchase on your own.

    You’re doing great on it.

  • Deb at

    Positive progress is so rewarding after being “blue” . Congrats on moving forward and making changes!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks so much Deb!

      xo Michael

  • Kelsey at

    That is awesome MIchael! Keep it up! I have been feeling the same lately too. I started a full time job in June of 2016 and I have gained almost 20 pounds since then. AHHH I think it is all the sitting since I haven’t changed my eating much. You have piqued my interest for sure. I have been beating myself up about the weight lately.

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