White Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Do you have your stretchy pants on? Are you ready to consume a massive amount of food? I am!

I’m popping in today to share a little holiday celebration I whipped up. I created this pretty little party themed around a White Christmas. I was in a bit of a panic about putting this together because my creative brain has been on the fritz lately. What really helped, however, was having a color as my focus; I chose white. It guided the decor as well as the cocktails I whipped up.

White Christmas | Inspired by Charm

My lack of energy also paid off in another way. I didn’t want to iron a white table cloth so I just used a sheepskin rug. The texture was gorgeous. I’m always amazing how simply by choosing a color (or two), you can create a celebration around it.

White Christmas | Inspired by Charm

I also made two cocktails for the party – a White Christmas Martini and this Cherry Almond Cocktail. You can find the recipe for the White Christmas Martini HERE. You can find the recipe for the Cherry Almond Cocktail HERE.

White Christmas | Inspired by Charm

They both taste as delicious as they look!

In other news, I’ve been busy developing more posts for BHG. These chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies are my new favorite. And, if you’ve started decorating for the holidays, take a look at my latest roundup of festive wreaths.

Over on eBay, I’ve created a few new guides. My seasonal favorites thus far are Ideas for Decorating with Vintage Ornaments and everything you wanted to know about Hosting a Cookie Swap.

Lastly, have you heard the new Paramore song featuring Joy Williams? I’m officially obsessed. Check it out here.

Okay, back to holiday decorating and eggnog drinking.

Inspired By Charm

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