Where Are They Now: Hens and Chicks

I figured it was time for another “Where Are They Now” post. You may remember that last year I made some outdoor shelves. Then, I turned one of those shelves into a vertical wall planter for some hens and chicks. It started off pretty slowly. Okay, really slowly. When this puppy first started. I just had a few little baby chicks from my brother’s driveway.

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

Anyway, during this last year I added a few more plants to fill things out. By the fall, it was getting slightly fuller. I left the planter hanging in that very spot all winter. Hens and chicks, unlike most succulents, can survive very cold weather. Still, I was a bit nervous about whether these would actually come back.

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

Well, I have good news. Not only did they come back, but they are thriving.

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

And I mean thriving, They are unbelievably-ginormous-growing-out-of-the-planter thriving. Seriously, who would have thought!?

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

I did give them a couple good doses of Miracle-Gro Plant Food this year. I also tucked in a little more dirt. Other than that, I’ve really done nothing to it. That’s my kind of gardening.


I was even more thrilled to see that one of these guys was flowering. I didn’t know they did that!

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

All in all, I’m super pleased with this project. Since I still have people asking me about it, I figured a little update was necessary.

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

Some related posts: You can see how I built the outdoor shelves here; How I built the vertical planter; How I water it; And a little update on how it looked this past spring.

Hens and Chicks Wall Planter via Inspired by Charm

In other news, apparently I decided this would be my succulent porch. In addition to my colorful potted succulents, I just received this succulent wreath that I ordered from this Etsy shop. Isn’t it cute!? Understandably, it’s a little flat and beat up from shipping, but I think it’s perfect for the space.


I’ve been struggling with what to hang on my front and back doors. I’ve just not been impressed with most wreath options these days so I was glad to find this happy addition to my back door. Now, I just need to tackle the front one. Any suggestions?


That’s it for my update on the planter and my new wreath! Has anyone made a similar vertical planter? I’d love to see it!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Renie at

    I loved this so much I finally made one myself (kinda a lie…my husband made it for me!!!). I love it..not quite finished as I am waiting for the succulents but it turned out great. Thanks for the inspiration. I got a cool cover for the top with some iron work and put that over the top of it all. It looks amazing.

  • Robin All Things Heart and Home at

    Oh my goodness!!! I never comment but I had to this time! That vertical garden is amazing!!! I’m so excited about it 🙂 I’ve seen a hundred but none look like yours…just amazing.
    Wonderful porch…xoox

  • Ralph at

    I like this. I also like colorful ceramic pots. Where did you get them?

  • Nancy Hastings at

    Wondering about these on the E/NE facing back wall of my house in Eastern NC where they would get full sun all day until the house provided its own shade. Would it be too hot for hens and chickens? Portulaca did fairly well last summer in a hanging planter on that house wall. Also wondering if you have a description somewhere about how you did the sectioned glass item in your photo.

    I enjoyed your site.

  • Tara Ziegmont at

    OH MY WORD! I was not expecting THAT when I came looking for the update on your original planter. I thought my hens and chicks went crazy (and they do multiply like crazy), but they’ve never grown like that. I guess I need to break out the Miracle Grow.

    You’ve probably figured this out by now, but when these guys flower, they die. There’s nothing you can do to stop them from flowering; it’s their last hurrah before they rot away. As you well know, new ones will fill in the empty spot.

  • tam at

    Super cute wreath!! Etsy finds are amazing. Love the update, saw a pin on pinterest and immediately knew it was the Inspired by Charm baby chicks n hens project I read about so long ago. I’ve been wondering how they did, and here they are like the super heroes of chicks n hens. Jealous, grasshoppers are making a tattered mess of every plant I put out, gonna have to move my succulents out there just for some green. Thanks for the inspiration and the update. : )

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Grasshoppers!? Oh no! Is there something you can put on your plants to protect them? Good luck. Thanks for the love!

      xo Michael

  • Sue at

    AAhhh! Succulent love! I can never get enough of these. They don’t grow as big up here in Washington as they do in San Clemente (Where your wreath came from and where I vacation every year) but I plant them all the same. Large or small, they are beautiful! I totally love your vertical garden! I tried to make one last year from an old pallet, but I didn’t do it right, so it’s still horizontal. Oh well, next time!

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