It’s been a couple weeks since we had one of these little chats, so I thought I’d use today to fill you in on some things and share what’s keeping me inspired.

Last weekend my friends and I snuck away for a long weekend. We packed our bags, hopped in the car, and drove six hours to Wildwood, NJ. We went there to support our local high schools as they competed in the Tournament of Bands Indoor Competition. Both my BFF Krista and I were participants back in high school, but that was over a decade ago. Now my friends help to coach St. Mary’s students so we went to cheer them on and also spend some time at the beach.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

Luckily, we arrived just as the boardwalk was opening for the season. So in addition to watching many of the performances, we spent time walking on the boardwalk, playing a few games, driving go-carts, and sampling the food, including fried Oreos, blue cheese french fries, and a Corona-Rita or two. There’s something about being at the beach and on the boardwalk that instantly raises my happiness level. (Deep-fried Oreos help, too.)


What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

I also got a tattoo. Well, a temporary glitter tattoo. When in Rome, right?

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

After returning from the beach, I finally got to work on my home to-do list. With plenty of warm days this past week and weekend, it was actually a pleasure to spend time outside cleaning up the yuckiness that winter left behind. As promised, with things finally starting to turn green, I also snapped a quick picture of my house and shared it on Instagram. Here it is for those who may have missed it.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

If you’re especially observant, you may have noticed that the work on my porch roofs is complete. For a small project, it made a big difference. I’ll be sharing more about that later this week.

I also wanted to tell you about a new feature that I added to the blog. When planning the new look for the site, my site designer, Mike, recommended creating Series Pages. These pages will be home for a collection of posts that are part of a series. By series, I mean things like A Year of the Skillet, Fall Cookie Week, 12 Days of Christmas, etc.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

While the pages are complete, we are currently working on figuring out the best place to post a link to all of them on the site. In the meantime, you can check out a few of the series I’ve linked above. In the coming weeks, you’ll notice a direct link to all of the series pages on the site. Also, If you make something you’ve seen on Inspired by Charm, you can use #myIBC on Instagram to have YOUR photos featured on the site. The photos will link directly to your Instagram account.

We are also working on a few other fun things, so stay tuned for that.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

I think that’s about it on my end. Let’s take a look at some other things around the web that are totally worth checking out:

That’s all from me, folks. What’s new with you? Spill it!

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  • Elle at

    Thanks for taking me back to the sights and sounds of summer at the shore. The sand and surf were irresistible. So was the water slide and the go-carts!

  • Sue at

    Your photos are really beautiful in this post! Especially love the colorful closed storefront one and the last carousel/ sky one. (They would make great prints!)

    Also, I’m within driving distance of Wildwood and I think I might have to make a trip this summer and get me some fried oreos too! So yummy. Totally craving them now.

  • Jackie at

    Love the tatoo! Your photo of the carousel is gorgeous! I love seeing the outside of your home… can’t wait to see what you do!

  • Paul B at

    Now there’s a tattoo I’d love to have. Especially as no pain involved 🙂 I’m intrigued as to the DIY Plant pockets you want to make. Is there a link ? Oh yes, love the photo of you jumping in front of the wildwood letters. The depth of focus and the bright colours of the balls as well as catching you mid jump. Superb! Pxx

    • paul B at

      Thanks for adding the link Michael 🙂 I agree, I want to make ’em too now 😀 x

      • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

        You’re welcome! Sorry, I meant to come back and comment after I fixed it and TOTALLY forgot. Glad you noticed. 🙂

        xo Michael

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