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Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve chatted with all of you, so I thought today would be a good time to pop in and say hello.

Life has been a rollercoaster these past few weeks. As you know, two weeks ago, I finally got into my new apartment in Pittsburgh which was wonderful. I knew going into May that it would be a busy month with Mother’s Day, a trip to NYC, and the move. However, since I was excited and ready for the change, I was OK with the busy-ness.

Unfortunately, one day into my move, my grandma had a stroke. It wasn’t a major stroke, but it has affected her ability to swallow. I won’t get into details, but my family has been in a constant state of worry and concern ever since. Some days we are very hopeful and others … not so much.

Naturally, settling into Pittsburgh (and life, in general) is now on hold. I had intended to return there yesterday, but changes in my Gram’s condition have kept me in St. Mary’s. I may sneak down to my apartment later this week for a couple days, but that depends on her status.

I realized that might be too much information for the blog, but I’ve been taking you along with me on this 2017 journey – good and bad, so there it is.

Despite life’s rollercoaster, I’m ecstatic about finally getting to Pittsburgh and starting to feel comfortable there. Since we last chatted, I’ve ordered a sofa, desk, and a couple light fixtures. I also found a beautiful, large entryway mirror at HomeGoods. If you’re following along on Instagram, you might have seen a few of those things in my stories. I also have my eye on a few other pieces that I’m hoping to order this weekend if the Memorial Day sales pan out.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

As I mentioned, last week I was in New York City for work. (You can read more about that here.) The weather was perfect, and when I had some free time, I hit up a number of home stores I don’t normally get to. Let me tell you, seeing decor and furniture in real life instead of blindly ordering online is life changing. (Okay, maybe not life changing, but you get what I mean.) To be able to see scale, size, color, and texture in real life is just so helpful when choosing pieces for the home.

Naturally, I checked out favorites like West Elm and Crate & Barrel. But two stores I was super excited to visit were the newly opened Rejuvenation and ABC Carpet and Home.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

I’ve been in love with this particular fixture from Rejuvenation since it came out last year. I had hoped to get it for my apartment but found out that it’s an LED fixture, and therefore wouldn’t be dimmable. (Or, at the very least might not dim with great results.) Beyond looks, I’m not a big fan of overhead lighting, so dimmability is very important to me. Anywho, while at Rejuvenation, I found a fabulous duvet cover, some beautiful pillows, and a few other light fixtures to swoon over.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

ABC Carpet and Home was also a great place to visit for general inspiration. I saw several pieces I really loved, but I’m afraid they’re probably beyond my budget. However, it was still insightful to visit in person versus just looking online or in a catalog.

Once I get back to the ‘burgh, I plan to put some posts together about how I’m decorating my space, choosing light fixtures, etc. I have a lot of design / decorating posts swirling around in my head. They are coming, I promise.

What's the Tea with IBC | Inspired by Charm

And that’s about it, friends. (Oh! I also got my self-watering planters planted and updated my porch with a bit of color, so I’ll be sharing those things soon.)

As always, thank you for following along, reading, commenting, liking, pinning, sharing, etc. Seeing your ideas and what you like means so much to me. And if you have a spare moment, please keep my Gram in your thoughts.

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  • Best Pop up Campers at

    Wow, I really love the carpet. It is so cool and nice to have in my appartment. How much does it cost? I am really sorry to hear from your grandma.

  • Cate at

    New York! I love this city that lives 24 hours a day. I was with my boyfriend in 2017 and I was amazing. Street WallStreet looks a bit more ordinary than in movies. In addition, I recommend everyone to such a trip to such alien sites. New York is a beautiful city. A nice relationship is all images to be more photos. Best wishes!

  • Kim R at

    I’m sorry to hear of your grandmother’s health challenges. I am praying for her.
    I read your side porch post before this one and it’s beautiful! I truly enjoy seeing your outdoor spaces. And serving your rosé sangria to my friends!

  • Mary at

    Of course we are praying for your grandmother. Your readers all wish her the best.

  • Liz at

    Oh my, thinking of you and your sweet Gram and hoping your family may find strength and comfort in one another in the coming days.

  • Funky Junk Interiors - Donna at

    Your precious Gram will indeed be in my prayers, M.

    Thanks for the update… I am anxious to see what you have done on your blog! I will be patient. Maybe… haha

  • Jason at

    Thoughts and prayers to your Grandmother and family, hope she feels better soon!

  • Arli M at

    Sending your Grandma healing thoughts and strength to you and your family.

  • B at

    Prayers for your Gram from MI.

  • Gail at

    Your grandma is in my prayers Michael. I’m glad you can take the time to be with her and your family in St.Mary’s while she recuperates. 🙏🙏

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