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Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a while since I did a “What’s the Tea” post here on IBC, so I thought today would be perfect for a little catch up.

OK, what’s new?

To start, I have a few trips coming up that I’m super excited about. First off, I’m headed to San Diego. This will be my first time visiting that area of California, so I’m pretty pumped about it. I’ve heard great things. If you have any “must sees” while I’m there, I would really appreciate any tips.

I’m visiting the area in partnership with Miracle-Gro. For those of you who are San Diego locals, on Saturday, April 30 you can find me from 8 AM – 1 PM at the Vista Farmer’s Market in Vista, CA about an hour north of San Diego. I’ll be doing a little demo, so swing by and say hello.

What's the Tea with IBC | inspiredbycharm.com

I made a few dozen goodie packs to give away. Each pack includes a custom recipe card. I think the card turned out super cute! But have no fear, if you can’t be there, I’ll be sharing a printable version of the card in May on IBC so everyone will have access.

Shortly after that trip, I’ll be going to Churchill Downs to attend the Kentucky Derby with my friends from 14 Hands Winery. Again, I’m crazy excited about this opportunity. I’ve never been to the Derby, so it should be quite the experience. I’m currently trying to figure out what to wear as Derby attire is quite important. Lots of bright colors, a bow tie, and maybe even a hat will probably be thrown into the mix. I’ll be certain to show you what I come up with.

If you’ve ever been to the race and have advice to share, I’d love to hear it. My schedule is pretty packed, but any and all information is always appreciated.

Unfortunately I don’t have treats to give away for the Kentucky trip. However, if you are at the track and see me, maybe I can hook you up with some wine. Ha! But, I make no promises.

In other random news, I found this adorable white garden gnome with a gold hat at Target. Isn’t he the best? He perfectly matches my aesthetic. I named him Mary Kate because that’s the first thing that came to mind. And while I realize Mary Kate is traditionally a girl’s name, it seems to fit the guy well so it stuck.

What's the Tea with IBC | inspiredbycharm.com

Target also sells him as a planter stake, pot hanger, and garden stake, so if you think he’s as cute as I do, but don’t have a space for a full-sized gnome, maybe one of those options would suit you better.

Speaking of fun finds, I’ve also updated my SHOP page here on IBC with some of my Spring Favorites. If you’re looking for new accessories for your own space, need some gift ideas, or just like to shop, be sure to check it out. (You can find that adorable peanut dish HERE.)

What's the Tea with IBC | inspiredbycharm.com

What else?

Have you seen Kim’s (of Newly Woodwards) tips for storing paint? Genius.
This denim patch pillow from DesignLoveFest is pure magic.
I’m kind of obsessed with The Crafted Life’s office makeover. Those shelves are brilliant.
Work from home? Learn how to stay sane while doing it.
Just for fun, check out these folks who accidentally dressed like their surroundings.
Need some new music in your life? Be sure to check out my Tuesday Tunes series.
And if the Derby is also on your mind, check out Coco + Kelley’s Derby-inspired party. So cute.

I think that’s about it. Consider yourself officially caught up.

Oh, one more thing. Next week here on IBC I’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with delicious recipes, more new tunes, entertaining ideas, and a super cute DIY project. It’s going to be pretty fun! And don’t worry. Even if you don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo, there will be plenty of ideas and recipes you can use for any celebration.

Have a happy weekend!

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  • Diane at

    I live in Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, so welcome! I think you will enjoy our city very much. My best advice for the Derby is to find out where the restrooms are as soon as you get there. Otherwise, you’ll be wandering about in a huge crowd of people for who knows how long. Churchill Downs is quite large!

  • Tracey (From KY) at

    I’m from Louisville and lived there my entire life until I moved to Northern Kentucky 4 years ago near Cincy. You will have so much fun at the Derby!!! Yes, your outfit will be very important. Love the bow tie idea and definitely wear a hat. It’s stylish and will help keep the sun off you while at the track. And don’t forget stylish shoes too. It all matters for this 2 minute race. 🙂

    My family all still lives down in Louisville so I drive the 1 hour and 15 mins as much as I can to see them.

    Have fun!

  • Elise Laney at

    Michael! You must stop by Oceanside and see the Roberts Cottages on the beach. You will love them.

    I am secretly scheming to figure out a way to get down to SD to meet you – it would be so much fun!!!

  • Terri at

    Kentucky born and bred, I’ve watched the Derby for most of my 56 years. You will love it…the sights, refreshments and my favorite…singing My Old Kentucky Home (I cry every time). It is beautiful and wonderful (my humble opinion). Sounds like you have the perfect outfit picked out. Don’t forget the pictures!!!

  • Julie at

    Really enjoyed Safari Park in San Diego. The North Africa section is wonderful with giraffes, gorillas and birds.

  • Christine E-E at

    Love the gnome…. Love the white peanut even more! Mind sharing the source?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You bet! It’s from CB2.com. I’ll add a direct link into the post above.

      xo Michael

  • Lauren at

    We got two great recommendations from San Diegoans we met in Maine–Urban Solace and Cucina Urbana. The latter was the best, but both were great!! It’s a very touristy place so getting a heads up from locals was key. There are a lot of so-so places that are pretty pricey.

  • Tina at

    You may have already heard this a bunch but the San Diego Zoo is fabulous!

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