What’s the Tea: Back in Business

My friends, I feel like a new man today, and it’s wonderful!

In case you missed the news, last week I had a magazine shoot at Bayberry House. This was super exciting and super humbling at the same time given that I’ve only been in my house for 7 months. Though it’s completely worth it, a photo shoot at your home is a bit nerve-racking and can be a lot of work. However, the kicker for me was that I had to leave up all of my Christmas decorations for a couple months.

Yes, on February 8, my house was still fully decorated for Christmas. Two Christmas trees and all. When the shoot wrapped up on Friday around 5 p.m., I immediately started taking down the decorations, packing things away, dusting, cleaning, etc.

Two days later, around 3 p.m. on Sunday, I was finally finished. It felt (and still feels) incredible. As much as I love decorating for Christmas, I equally enjoy putting everything away and starting afresh. In fact, it kind of feels like 2019 just began today (even though we are already a month and a half into the year.)

What's the Tea: Back in Business

Right now I’m feeling incredibly grateful for the photo shoot, excited to have my home clean and cleared, and ready to hit the ground running. In fact, I sat down to write a post about my new living room sofa. After I started typing, I realized I should probably catch you up on life and a few other things first.

As usual, January was a slow month here on IBC. Thanks for sticking with me. I had the best of intentions to continue trucking along with as much gusto as I had in December, but ultimately, I decided that a slow month was needed. Having a couple sick kitties, a touch of the flu, and this big photo shoot, a little more down time seemed to make sense.

What's the Tea: Back in Business

I think that the rest of this year is going to be quite eventful, so maybe a slow start was in the cards all along. As I shared a few weeks ago, I have big plans for changes and updates here at Bayberry House. In fact, I have a meeting with my contractor today to finalize a few details of the kitchen remodel. Fingers crossed, the demo will begin soon. In between now and then, however, I’ll be sharing some before photos of the kitchen and my plans for the space. Stay tuned for that.

What's the Tea: Back in Business

In other news: I’m currently on the hunt for spring and everyday decor. After taking down my Christmas decorations, things are looking a bit blah around on my first floor. I have yet to really decide how I want to decorate any of these spaces for everyday. I’m looking forward to infusing a little style and personality. (You may remember that I sold my last house complete with the furnishings, so I need to rebuild my collection of decor goodies.)

Even though I’m late in starting, I’m so excited about this new year and continuing to share my adventures with you. (Oh, and that post about my new sofa will be on the blog tomorrow. I’ll meet you back here then.)

What's the Tea: Back in Business

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  • Judy at

    Michael your living room looks elegant and welcoming. Love all the texture, but I especially love the green chairs. I have a lot of grey In my house..I’m thinking of using greens a dye.lows as well. Thanks for your imagery. It is just beautiful.

  • Nancy at

    Very nice! Moved into a house with a white fireplace and never changed it. Not sure how I would have.

  • Roxanne at

    It always feels amazing to take down decorations right after Christmas and thoroughly clean the house (as much as I adore having them up). You must feel positively giddy! I totally agree on your comment about painting your fireplace, it’s a trend. I grew up in an old historic house in Charleston. The den had beautiful handmilled paneling, and it was my favorite cozy place as a child. The new owners(she is a “designer”) immediately painted it white. Horrific.

  • Beth at

    Michael, you have great style. We have the same fireplace with the same pretty red brick. I’m feeling pressure, however, to paint the brick or at least whitewash it. Have you ever considered it?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I feel like someone asks me this every week. Haha. Right now I have zero intentions of painting it. The fireplace is one of the reasons I bought the house and I love raw brick. So, why paint it?

      I feel like everyone is painting all brick and stone white. I would hate for it to be a trend and then want the brick back. I feel like it’s easy to paint, but very challenging to go back.

      I may change up the mantel or do something else to “modernize” it, but I don’t plan on painting it.

      Hope that helps / make sense.

      xo Michael

  • Natalie at

    From where do you get that amazing coffee table/ottoman with the thin brown leather cushion?

    Great space!!

  • Nikki Blackburn at

    I love reading your post and blog! It’s refreshing and speaks of life thoughts we all experience.
    Your home is beautiful now and I can’t wait to see what is coming!
    Blessings Michael

  • amy at

    Is that a photo of your home, Bayberry House, on the Yankee Candle sitting on the mirrored tray?
    How fun!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It is! I’ll have to share a closer look at it!

      xo Michael

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