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Well, friends, let me officially wish you Happy New Year! If you’ve been following IBC for a while now, you know It’s always a bit of a challenge for me to return to blogging after the holidays. I try to give myself a short break this time of year, but that often makes it harder to get back into the swing of things.

However, after sharing a few 2016 recaps and a new playlist, I think I’m about ready to put my work cap back on, pull out my camera, and create exciting new content for IBC. Woot. Woot!

Most years January is a fairly quiet month for me, but this year is just the opposite. This week some folks from Better Homes & Gardens are coming to my house (Yes, I’m freaking out.) They’re going to shoot my home for the 2017 issue of their Christmas Ideas magazine. So, even though I was on a little “break,” I really wasn’t.

What's the Tea | Inspired by Charm

What's the Tea | Inspired by CharmI’ve actually been busy redecorating my home for Christmas. While some things are similar to my 2016 Christmas decor, I did change up all three trees, switch around color schemes, wrap dozens of fake presents, bake delicious things, etc. I also completed a couple back-burner projects that were long overdue – my guest bedroom and bathroom. And because I’m weird, I touched up some paint, cleaned every room (with the help of my mom. Thanks, Mom!), and threw away / donated a bunch of “stuff.”

Although it’s been a stressful couple of weeks, it actually couldn’t have come at a better time. The upcoming photoshoot has forced me to do some essential cleaning, decluttering, and finishing of projects. So, “YAY!”

What's the Tea | Inspired by Charm

After BHG’s visit, I’m headed to NYC for a few days with my friends at HomeGoods. As a blogger for their Design Happy blog, I’ve been invited to a blogger day to learn about home trends, blogging tips, and lots of other fun stuff. And I get to hang out with some fellow blogger friends, so that’s always a treat.

What's the Tea | Inspired by Charm

Then, shortly after I return from NYC, I’m going on another Carnival Cruise! I’ve been working with Carnival Cruise lines for a few years now, and they have invited me to continue the collaboration in 2017. My mom is going along with me again on this cruise (She accompanied me on my first one.) We’ll be sailing on the Carnival Vista (their newest ship) through the Caribbean. Given that it’s the dead of winter here in PA, we couldn’t be more excited!

What's the Tea | Inspired by Charm

As you can see it’s going to be a busy month. I’m also planning to keep things moving here on IBC amidst all of this, so there will be new recipes, decorating ideas, and other good things.

Speaking of what’s coming on IBC, I’m thinking about doing Breakfast Week again for a few days this month. Who doesn’t love some delicious breakfast inspiration? As you may have noticed, last year I totally neglected my “A Year of…” series, but I’m hoping to bring it back this year. You might remember that in previous years we had A Year of Yeast, A Year of Pie, and A Year of the Skillet. I think I’ve finally settled on a theme for 2017. Here are a few hints: It’s one of my favorite foods, but I’ve never made it from scratch. Plus, there are almost endless recipe ideas. Stay tuned!

What's the Tea | Inspired by Charm

I think that’s about it for news from around here. As I continue to put together a posting schedule and new ideas to share, please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you’d like to see here on IBC. I love hearing your ideas. Many time they spark creative things for me to share.

Have a fabulous week!

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  • Terrell at

    Hi there sweet Michael!! I ADORE each and every pic from your blog. Here’s some things I think you could make amazing posts with (even though they’ve been done here before, they never get old)
    Party Themes – posting all our DIY décor and foods
    Bar Cart Décor – even down to the little details like straws (I copied so many of those from you!)
    Mantel Décor
    Table scapes
    DIY Décor
    Ok, that’s all 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have in store from recipes to décor in 2017! I know it’ll be great!

  • Kathy at

    Hi Michael,
    I love your Blog!! I especially enjoy your home decor and small craft projects.
    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2017!!

  • Mary at

    I’m so happy you are finally getting the recognition you deserve. Personally…I’m surprised BHG hasn’t had you in their magazine sooner.
    Happy New Year!

  • Judith Hall at

    Can I just say that I adore your bead garland?! I have a strand I use at Christmas with the beads painted white, silver and some left natural. I have another large strand I use as decor year ’round with four different beads sizes all left natural.
    Your blog is a piece of lemon meringue pie (my favorite dessert) each time I read a post! Thank you!

  • Jill McKenzie at

    Quite a line up for 2017! So exciting for BH&G to shoot your home too.

  • Amie Freling at

    Hi Michael- Ive been following you for aw while now. Love your home and whats in store for you in 2017! See you in NYC!

  • Debra at

    Michael — I’m still hooked and looking forward to each and every post in 2017! You string me along in the best way possible and I can’t wait for more! Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations!

  • Sue at

    Looking forward to another fantastic year with you.

  • Ronda at

    If you ever bottle your energy, sign me up for a case!

  • Diana at


    I love your blog and have followed for years. Saw on Instagram that you have adopted a new puppy and wondered if you blogged anything about him that I may have missed…?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Diana, I haven’t. It’s kind of a long story, but that puppy is now happily living with my brother and his family. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Lisa at

    A photo of a bathroom! ??

  • Cathy Clark at

    I LOVE your blog and live vicariously through all your adventures! Christmas at BHG is so exciting and I for one can hardly wait for that issue to come out!!! And who doesn’t love Homegoods???!!! We are FINALLY getting one this summer in my town in central Florida!
    Enjoy your cruise (and your lucky Mom) and Happy / Busy 2017!!!

  • Cathy Clark at

    By the way, I drew out and my husband cut out the wooden stockings you made and I LOVE them! Thanks for the great idea!

  • Stephanie B. at

    Michael, Happy New Year and thank you! I just discovered your blog before Christmas and it is one of my favorites! You are so inspiring! Love your decorating style and all the recipes you share! I made your seasoned pretzels for our New Year’s eve party! I look forward to following your blog in 2017!

  • Leslie at

    Oh, my…..a BH&G photoshoot….how cool!!! CONGRATS!!! And I just realized that I failed to say “thank you” for the info you gave me for your black/white buffalo checked dishes. So, thank you! My local Homegoods did not have them but I’m checking out online sources and giving my finances time to recover from Christmas!!! Happy New Year!

  • Mayda at

    Hi Michael, I have been following you for a year now and have even made some of the DIY projects you have posted! Anxiously awaiting what is coming in 2017!

  • loly at

    So excited to see your post – I’ve missed your unique fresh input and ideas. Always love your recipes – I think Christmas was a pretty even split between family traditions and your goodies! I’ve become a Spotify junkie because of you too but hey – music all the time is awesome right? Love your decorating and smaller craft projects. You’re inspired by charm and I’m inspired by you! Keep rockin it – you’re fab. What a great start to a wonderful new year! And enjoy the cruise and warm weather – I love PA but not this cold. Yuck

  • Rosey at

    HI Michael, and happy new year! I love your blog & your style. My husband & I were on the inaugural cruise for the Vista. If Matt is still the cruise director, please say Heeeeeey from me!

  • Elle at

    You always WOW me. Thanks for sharing so much joy with the world. I love your energy and zest for life.

  • Ann at

    As a mom of 2 thirty-somethings, I know how it feels to be proud of my children…and that’s how your mom must feel. No one deserves success more than you. You’ve worked hard, been ahead of the pack and are still humble. You still listen to your readers and you still care. That’s no small feat. Tell your mom that I said “Congratulations.” She did an amazing job. <3

  • Deme at

    Congrats on the BHG feature!! So deserved! With much of the same thing around the interwebs, your unique and colorful style is so inspiring. The time and love you put into this beautiful space shows :). I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the coming year!

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