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This past weekend a friend said to me, “I still use that app you told me about several years ago.” That got me thinking. Maybe you’d be interested in knowing what’s on my phone.

I know I’m always curious (OK, nosey) to find out what others have on their phones. I think it’s because I love learning about new apps that may help me work better, stay connected, or just have fun.

Even though there are days I love to just disconnect, I’m so grateful to have this handheld device that allows me to connect with folks near and far. Other than the obvious (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Mail), here are six of my current favorite apps!

What's on my Phone | inspiredbycharm.com

READ: Audible
Audible is an application for listening to audiobooks. They have a collection of over 180,000 books in their library. It’s a monthly service. For about $23 per month I receive 2 audible credits. Each audible credit is good for one audio book. So, if you are buying two books a month, it’s a good deal.

Even though I’m not an avid reader, I do manage to “read” at least a dozen books a year thanks to Audible. Whether I’m shoveling the driveway in the winter, walking around the neighborhood, making the three-hour drive to the airport, or trying to fall asleep at night, I use this app almost every day.


WORK: Fitbit
Thanks to my BFF, I’m a proud owner of the new Fitbit Alta. Fitbit is a brand of fitness bands that monitors how many steps you take calories you burn each day. FitBit also tracks your sleep. The goal is to achieve a certain number of steps (typically 10,000) per day. I had one of these bands in the past and found it very helpful for staying more active. (Yes, I would walk around my house in circles at 11 PM to reach my goal. It really does make a difference.)

What I love about the Fitbit app is that you can connect with friends and challenge each other to daily or weekly challenges. If you are the competitive type, it can push you to get those steps in.


EDIT: Snapseed
Snapseed is my go-to photo editing app. I’ve been using it for years. Before Instagram had editing tools, every photo I posted via social media would go through this app. It’s almost like Photoshop, but super simple and very user friendly. It does everything you need in a photo editing app minus the ability to do collages.


LISTEN: Spotify
I’ve recently become a big fan of Spotify. I’m the type of person who gets a new album and listens to it on repeat until I hate the thing. Spotify has stopped me from doing that, plus it has helped me discover new music. You can create your own playlists (I’ll be sharing some of mine soon.) or find music based on genre or your mood.

I especially like the “chill” playlists. They have become my go-to soundtracks when I’m working, hosting a dinner party, or sipping coffee in the morning,


There are so many social media apps available these days. While Instagram and Pinterest are still favorites of mine, SnapChat has been growing on me. In case you’re not familiar with SnapChat, it allows you to share instant photos and quick videos. You can send them directly to a friend, and they disappear after being viewed. Or you can post them as a “story” so they can be viewed an unlimited number of times over 24 hours.

What I love about SnapChat is that it is quick, real, and unedited. It’s what Instagram was when it first started. While I’m not an expert snapper, I’m trying hard to share more. If you’d like, you can follow with me at “inspiredbycharm”.

And if you seen people “swapping faces” on social media, this is mostly likely the app they are using. Yes, I’ve tried to that myself. You can even do it with album covers! Hello. It’s me!

PLAY: Plants vs. Zombies 2
Yes, I play games on my phone. Not many, but there are a couple I love. Right now my favorite is Plants vs. Zombies 2. While I’ve beaten most of the levels in the game, each morning the app posts a new “Piñata Party” game that I’m able to play. It’s become part of my morning ritual. As silly at it sounds, it brings me joy.

To play the game, you plant flowers, fruits, and veggies that attack zombies to keep them from reaching your house and eating your brains. I know. I know. It’s crazy, but it’s bunches of fun. And don’t be worried about the zombies. The game is animated and colorful. No blood or guts. Promise.


That’s it! Those are my current favorites. If you’re curious to know what other apps I use, let me know below, and I’ll be happy to share. What are your favorite smartphone applications?


This post was created as part of my collaboration with the Verizon Wireless Influencer Program #VZWBuzz.
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    Hello Michael. Just wanted to tell you I love this new feature and am subscribed to your Spotify play list. As always, in great taste. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

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