Whatcha Packin’ #2

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Last year before I jetted off on a trip, I had fun sharing some of my “Whatcha Packin” essentials for travel. A lot of you seemed to enjoy that post, which also included travel tips, so I thought it’d be fun to create Whatcha Packin #2.

Even though it’s only May, it looks like 2016 might be my biggest travel year yet. I truly welcome the chance to travel. Exploring different environments is one of my favorite ways to get inspired. Whether it’s a delicious meal, a fabulous design, or an ingenious product, I soak it all in when I travel.

Despite all the joys of journeying to new locales, travel is not without a few challenges. I’m about three hours from a major airport so getting anywhere takes a bit longer for me. Plus, most of the time my travel is work related, so I need to pack essentials that allow me to stay connected and be productive. Sometimes it can be a lot. However, I’m not complaining. Bring on the travel. Bring on the inspiration.

Let’s dive into Whatcha Packin #2.

Whatcha Packin #2 | inspiredbycharm.com

Other than my wallet and ID, one thing I never leave home without is my phone. Lately I’ve been relying on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. While, I appreciate all of the standard features on this phone, I love the camera. (In fact, I used it for many of my photos of the HGTV Dream Home.) While I do still like traveling with an actual camera, this phone could almost replace it. Another feature that has been immensely helpful is the phone’s mobile hotspot. When I need to hop online with my computer, but am in an area that doesn’t have wireless Internet, this phone is a lifesaver.

Speaking of cameras, I recently updated to the Canon G7X. In my previous post, I talked about a Sony camera I was using. The Sony is a good camera, but being a Canon guy, I found it challenging to figure out the Sony. With cameras, I’ve discovered it’s best to stick with a familiar brand when possible. This makes learning the functions much easier.

While we’re on the subject of cameras: My dad got me a Go-Pro for Christmas, so I also tossed that in my bag. The Go-Pro is perfect for video on the go. Plus, it’s waterproof which allows you to get some interesting footage.

And yes, I’m still traveling with a portable charger. If you don’t have one of these and travel frequently (or just happen to find yourself away from an electrical outlet and have a phone that’s constantly dead), this is a must. This is the model I currently have. It’s a bit on the larger size, but I can use it again and again without needing to charge it. If you get one, you will no longer be one of those people huddled around an outlet at the airport. You’re welcome.

When packing my clothes for a trip, I like to stick with a similar style / color palette whenever possible. During the summer months (or when visiting some place warm), these boat shoes are my go-to. Not only do I love the color, but you can dress them up or wear them with a pair of casual shorts. There’s no need to pack dress shoes and casual shoes. I also like to bring a coordinating watch, which can instantly give an outfit a dressier look

The same principle applies to sunglasses. On my first cruise I remember taking along six pairs of sunglasses to match my various outfits. Ridiculous. Now I just pack one pair, or maybe two. Recently, I’ve been wearing quality black aviators because they work with most things and are always in style.

When thinking about summer travel, we all know that shopping for a swim suit can be the worst. My recommendation? Find a brand and fit that you feel comfortable and happy in and then stick with that. I really love these from 2xist. The fit is good, and this style is available in a variety of colors. Since black works nicely with my skin tone, it’s usually my go-to color.

Finally, let’s talk about a few other essentials. First, I always use a backpack as my carry-on luggage when flying. Backpacks have so many features these days, and they allow both of your hands to be free when navigating the airport. I know tote bags are “totes cute,” but trust me on this one. Second, always pack some sunscreen. You just never know when you’ll need it. This one from Sun Bum is my current favorite. Last but not least, a good book is essential. I love technology, but now and then I need a break from screens. Some light reading (currently reading this) is always welcome.

That’s it, friends. I hope you feel a bit more prepared for your next adventure. Happy packing and safe travels!

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  • Funky Junk Interiors - Donna at

    That phone recharger needs to be in my luggage! Better yet, just my truck. Thanks for the tips, Michael! It’s so inspiring to see how other bloggers gitter done while on the road. Your year ahead sounds totally exciting!

  • Donna at

    Great ideas and tips! I’ll definitely be thinking about this next time I travel! Love the variety on IBC. Thanks!

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