today i …

Inspired By Charm


washed some vintage sheets i found at the local goodwill for future quilt projects.


Inspired By Charm


i marveled at the whiteness of my geraniums.


Inspired By Charm


i waited for guests that never arrived.


Inspired By Charm

i thought about advice from oprah … “you also have to know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.”

Inspired By Charm

i smiled when i saw my iris, that i planted three years ago from a piece of root a guest gave me, bloomed for the first time.

Inspired By Charm

i waited for strong storms. they didn’t arrive either.

Inspired By Charm

i started piecing together my quilt. it was as wonderfully enjoyable, just as i thought it would be.

it was a good day.

Inspired By Charm

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  • InMyOwnStyle at

    Hi Michael-

    Your quilt looks bright and cheery – just like you. I waited for the storm and it did come, but blew by pretty fast. Did your guests ever arrive?

    My best- Diane

  • annette at

    this post is just filled with spring. Beautiful! Good luck with your quilt!

  • Joanna at

    You must have a great Goodwill…I can never find anything at mine. But you have a great eye for design so I’m not surprised you found some fabulous, cheerful fabrics. 🙂

  • kpaints at

    I love your observations! Have fun quilting.

  • Karalee at

    You make me smile~

  • Wendi at

    Can’t wait to see your quilt. My Goodwill is mediocre at best. Love your blog, and if I ever visit Pa, I’ll have to stay at your inn!

  • jek-a-go-go at

    such a great sheet score and your quilt progress! i need to stop sitting on quilt ideas and MAKE one already. as always, you are an inspiration! thank you for sharing!

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