what a good day, may 4 of this year


with what seems to be one of the busiest summers on the horizon, i’m trying to take things one day at a time instead of tackling the whole picture. easier said than done.

i am extremely grateful for people and notes like this one…

Inspired By Charm

old charm b&b

dear michael:

what a good day, may 4 of this year. a
good nights stay in rooms with wonderful,

well thought out details. follow this with a

delightful breakfast that included, among
other things, home made muffins and the

most delicious bacon.

we just finished our own home made breakfast

which included a lightly toasted roll with your

champagne ginger peach jam.

thanks to your decorator and food prep skills,
i will have to place ‘old charm’ number one, even

ahead of the brewery, for st. mary’s attractions.

we have stayed in a few up-scale b&bs, of

which yours is certainly one, none however

were as reasonable as yours.

i hope reading this letter doesn’t take too
much time away from your busy housekeeping,
cooking, backing, jam making, gift shop chores.
decorating, etc. etc. etc.


thank you. thank you. thank you. one day almost done. on to the next.

Inspired By Charm

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  • fresh_look_furniture at

    What a great little letter! And the handwriting is fab! 🙂 Bet you smiled like crazy after reading this letter!

  • Luisa at

    Awww what a sweet letter.

  • lisbonlioness at

    Jen nailed it.
    And I am utterly convinced that you deserve every ounce of praise coming your way!

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    That is beautiful. Thank the universe for thoughtful people who acknowledge how far a few kind words go in the world.

  • Leslie at

    I love this post 🙂 Cheers to you! And what beautiful penmanship from your guest.

  • Gabriela at

    Awwww- sounds like that letter was a well earned accolade. Right on!

  • Carrie Rosalind at

    So nice! I totally want to come stay there!!

  • KatiePerk at


  • Mollie D at

    what cool handwriting to boot! Must be an architect

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