Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37


It’s been months since I did a Weekend Wanderlust post. Months. Since I had a pretty magical weekend, I thought it was time to revisit Weekend Wanderlust and hopefully bring it back as a bi-weekly / weekly series here on IBC. Sound good?

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Travel. First up, my friends and I hopped in a car last Thursday and headed north to Vermont for some other friends’ house warming party. (I think I mentioned this on Friday.) This was the first significant amount of time I’ve spent in Vermont. We didn’t do many tourist things since we were there to visit our friends, but we did have a fabulous trip and got a chance to see a few spots in the area. Plus, we travelled across Lake Champlain (with our car) via ferry. That was a first for me! (Oh, and my colorful tropical shoes are from here. I’m obsessed. Plus, they were/are on sale!)

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Wed. To our surprise, our friends who were having the house warming, actually also had a big backyard wedding. This just made the weekend that much more epic. So, major congrats to Joe and Tyler!

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Eat. While I failed to take pictures of all of the fabulous wedding food, I did manage to get a shot of this charcuterie and cheese platter. A larger mirror was the base of the spread, and various sized martini glasses held the rest of the goodies. I just love this idea for a large party.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Drink. Part of the weekend festivities included a trip to local wineries. We also swung by Magic Hat. I was particularly excited about this as I’m a big fan of their Elder Betty beer. I also visited my first cidery, Citizen Cider, and sampled a few of their brews.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Create. While driving around, we stumbled upon this fabulous fire hydrant art. I thought it was pretty impressive so I had my friend Krista snap a quick pic out of the car window.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Snap. Among the many activities at the wedding was a photo booth. I love this particular photo because this trip also allowed us to form new friendships. That’s one of the wonderful things about weddings and parties in general – diverse groups of people coming together with the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Hang. In other news, my closet system has arrived. I hope to install it in my new bedroom this week / weekend and share it with you next week.

Weekend Wanderlust: No. 37 | Inspired by Charm

Display. I also picked up a few frames to create an art wall in my living room. My plan is to hang them up this week and give you a little update on that in the very near future.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend as well. What exciting things did you do or find?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Maralyn Woods at

    So many things to love about this post. First, the photography is outstanding. The charcuterie board could be a kitchen wall hanging – it’s just perfect. I love that Joe and Tyler wore neckties and sandals and your shoes rock. Glad you captured that fire hydrant art for posterity; it’s amazing. I see your cat photo bombed another picture. I also let my Sweetie Pie hang out on the sofa; it’s his home too. Can’t wait to see the new closet system.

  • Sandy Young at

    While enjoying the first picture I was admiring the gorgeous yard and was thinking it would be a perfect back drop for a wedding and then the next picture showed the wedding. How exciting. I love the idea of you thinking it was a house warming but it was really going to be a wedding. Gorgeous. The food looked good too.
    Oh, and your shoes, LOVE THEM.

  • Amber at

    I can’t wait to see your closet reform! And my partner and I are having a house warming party soon and that mirror idea as a platter is brilliant… I might just not-so-slyly steal the idea!

  • girlfromwva at

    Love all your pics! Thanks for sharing! I love them using the large mirror for the base of their delicious looking spread and putting the goodies in the martini glasses!

  • Tracie Forse at

    Subscribing to mailing list. Thanks!

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