Weekend Wanderlust: No. 23


As fun as 31 Days of Home was, it was so nice to take a short break from blogging. This weekend I spent some time doing a little fall clean-up outside. I trimmed a few bushes, cut down dead flowers, and put some pots away. I still can’t get over that it’s November. Around here we could get hit with snow at any time, so I’m trying to get ahead of the game.

Weekend Wanderlust No. 23 | Inspired by Charm

Purchase – I also managed to purchase a few things this past weekend for my office (even though the painting is not quite finished.) I found a desk and some shelves and I even picked up a TV! Every office needs a TV, right? I’m excited to be making some progress but I’m still looking for the right curtains and sofa. I’m having a tough time locating the style I want locally and shopping for a sofa online just sounds like a terrible idea. I’ll keep up the hunt!


Weekend Wanderlust No. 23 | Inspired by Charm

Party – My friends and I celebrated Halloween this weekend! I ended up dressing as a pirate (very creative) and my friend Krista went as an adorable Snow White. Did you dress up?

Weekend Wanderlust No. 23 | Inspired by Charm

Bake – Although my obsession with pumpkin is slowly fading, I did whip up this delicious Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Pie for BHG’s Delish Dish. It’s kind of like a cake in a pie. You can get the recipe here.

Weekend Wanderlust No. 23 | Inspired by Charm

ShineSam the Cat also got a polish. It’s a amazing how a little elbow grease brought him back to life. When polishing brass, I start by cleaning the item with Bartender’s Friend and then I use a brass polish to give it a really impressive shine.

Weekend Wanderlust No. 23 | Inspired by Charm

Decorate – The box I shipped from Portland arrived today. I thought I would share one more treasure I brought home. After stumbling across so many of these acrylic grapes in the local shops, I felt compelled to get a set. And, since I have issues, I ended up buying two sets. (If you watch New Girl, you’ll notice a set on the console table behind the sofa.) Anyway, I really fell in love with this small purple bunch. Isn’t it sweet? I’ll share the other bunch in another post.

Weekend Wanderlust No. 23 | Inspired by Charm

Cat – And last but not least, an obligatory picture of Sebastian. This is probably a lot funnier to me than you (unless there are fellow cat owners out there), but I had to laugh when I walked into my living room today and saw Sebastian sitting on the gold pouf. He barely fits on it, and that’s the first time I’ve seen sitting there. The pouf is typically not in the center of the room, but I had moved it earlier in the day to take some pictures. I’m pretty sure he thought it was something completely new that he needed to try out. Silly cat.

What kept you busy this weekend? Are you preparing for an impending snowfall?

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  • Wendy A at

    Okay where did you get the gold pouf???!!!

  • Roni Faida at

    I had to work all weekend and there is no snow in my future. I live in Charlotte and we don’t get a bunch of snow. The blue chair in the corner by the window looks really cozy, I could see myself there except for the cat…I’m deathly allergic! So glad I found your blog, I look forward to seeing more of your pics!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Lucky for you. I can handle snow through the holidays, then I’m sick of it. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • girlfromwva at

    LOVE the purple acrylic grapes! and your cat is darling! look at the expression on his face. 😀

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Aren’t the grapes great! I’m in love too.

      xo Michael

  • Andrea R. at

    I feel your painting pain!!! In my typical fashion, when my husband leaves town, i have an overwhelming urge to change stuff around the house, so i bought some paint and started in the living room. I have 12 ft walls, all faux wood paneling! I’m only 75% of the way through. I’m having a hard time picking up a paintbrush and completing it!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Oh my gosh. I clearly have no reason to complain anymore. Compared to that my painting is a piece of cake. Once I get the brush and paint in hand, I’ll have it done in no time. It’s starting that’s the battle. Haha.

      xo Michael

  • Stacey at

    We don’t get snow here in San Diego. We have to drive to find it. It must be so beautiful there in the winter! I spent the weekend working on my big project. I’m refinishing/painting our bedroom set. Just got the footboard done. It’s looking amazing! I look forward to your Christmas posts!

  • Maureen at

    I love the picture of Sebastian! It reminds me of our cats favorite perch. My husband is a hockey referee and sometimes if he comes in late at night he will drop is bag by the front door. All 3 cats come running to see who gets on first! It is a bit bigger than this pouf, but I find it so strange they like to lay on a stinky hockey bag! Curious creatures those cats!

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