Weekend Wanderlust: No. 13


Inspired By Charm
Inspired By Charm
Inspired By Charm
Inspired By Charm
Inspired By Charm
Soak – What a fabulous weekend! Despite a little wind, the weather here was nothing short of wonderful. Low 70s, sunny, and blue skies for miles. I was in heaven. I took full advantage of this warm weather and finally got my little side porch cleaned up. (Pictures coming soon.) You may remember that last year I painted my outdoor furniture white which I loved. Primer and a “rust-proof” paint did not stop the rust, so this year I decided to paint the furniture black again. Things are now looking clean, crisp, and dust free! 
Paint – Don’t worry – not everything is black. I added some interest to my little side tables / plant stands. You probably  know by now that I’m a little gold-obsessed. Well, I thought, why not bring my love for gold outside. Armed with a few cans of gold spray paint, I did. I’m freakin’ in love with the results. I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned. 
Garden – Even though frost is still a slight concern in these parts, I was determined to do a little planting. Remember my chicken feeder centerpiece? Well, that lasted about a week and most of the plants died. After storing it in the basement for a few months, I brought it back out and filled it with some herbs. I’m loving it all over again. More on that soon. Have you started planting yet?
Hatch – A momma dove has taken up roost in the shelf on my porch while she waits for her two little eggs to hatch. The process happened pretty quickly. I just noticed the nest a few days ago. Shortly after that I saw the eggs. I’m kind of excited to see this new life unfold. I call the dove “Momma” and we had a little chat about her not pooping everywhere. I also told her that there is no need to fly away like a crazy person whenever I go out on the porch. The sound of her flapping wings and squawking gives me a little heart attack every single time. I think we are on the same page at this point. She is slowly become more comfortable with my presence. 
Relax – Even though I didn’t find too much time to relax, these guys did.
Eat – Seriously folks, have you tried these new Triscuits? I think there are a few varieties, but the sun-dried tomato basil are my absolute fave. I could literally sit down and eat an entire box without blinking an eye. So try them, but be warned – they won’t last long.
Hang – My friend Krista (middle) was home for the weekend. As usual we had a blast with our friend Emily (left). We had lunch and beers at our new favorite hangout. It was even nice enough to sit outside. Seriously, does it get better than hanging outside with your friends on a sunny day having great conversation, a cold beer, and some delicious grub. Pure magic. 
Share – Last but not least, my friends at HomeGoods are sponsoring a challenge for the entire month of May. The are asking their fans to share favorite HomeGoods finds. Throughout the month HomeGoods will be giving away three $250 gift cards per week. I’ve been asked to spearhead the first week of the challenge. It’s all about sharing your Bright Finds! You can post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I will be selecting a winner from each outlet. Yep, yours truly is personally picking the winners. You can head over to the HomeGoods blog by clicking here for all of the details.
I hope your weekend was as sunny and happy as mine! What new things did you do or find?
Inspired By Charm
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  • Heather at

    I love that table! Every time I see pictures of your cats, it freaks me out a little. I have a gray cat and a brown striped cat that look just like yours! Smokey and Junie. Weird.

  • Designs By Pinky at

    My hubby built a bluebird box and within an hour they found it! Then they built a nest and we have 5 baby bluebirds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Can’t wait to see YOUR babies and the gold tables look awesome! XO< Pinky

  • Anonymous at

    So cute about you having a talk with momma bird, how fun to see the babies soon! The gold paint looks so pretty! Show us soon! Sharon

  • Madeline at

    Love the new look! Most inspired.

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