How to Grow a Coleus Topiary

Learn how to make a beautiful and eye-catching Coleus Topiary. I’m walking you through the step-by-step process on how to make this stunning addition for your home and garden.

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Did you know you could turn coleus into a topiary? Well, you can, and the end results are stunning.

How to Grow a Coleus Topiary

As you can see, the results of this project are truly stunning.

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Buy A Coleus Plant

You’ll need a coleus plant to start. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you’re welcome to start your coleus plant from seed.

Pot Your Coleus

Next, plant your coleus in your chosen pot.

Pinch Leaves

Once potted, choose one stem to serve as your trunk. Then, remove all of the other stems with pruning shears.

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