Sweet, rich, creamy, and loaded with bourbon flavor, these Bourbon Balls make the perfect addition to your holiday cookie tray.

Bourbon Balls are a no-bake candy made up of crushed vanilla wafers, pecans, bourbon, butter, and sugar.


vanilla wafers unsalted butter bourbon corn syrup vanilla extract confectioners' sugar pecans salt Toppings: confectioners' sugar pecans cocoa powder

In a large bowl, stir together crushed vanilla wafers, butter, bourbon, corn syrup, vanilla extract, confectioners’ sugar, chopped pecans, and salt.

Cover and chill until firm: about 30 minutes. Place all of the toppings into three separate bowls.

Remove the bourbon ball mixture from the refrigerator and shape it into 1-inch balls.

Roll the balls in the prepared toppings.

Pack and store the bourbon balls in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

And that’s it. As you can see, they are so simple to make. I always like to include a few no-bake treats on my holiday cookie tray and these are a must-have for me.

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