remember back in september/october when i painted my hallway? then i painted trees on it. remember? well, i never really loved the color. so before i did some major ‘decorating’ i need to let the color grow on me. and it did grow on me. but not in the right way. so about a week ago, i repainted the entire hall.

am i crazy? probably. but i just didn’t love the color or the trees. it just didn’t work in this house. but now i can say i’m super happy with the new color. the paint colors are from sherwin williams. i used gauzy white and angora. there’s only one window in the hall, so when all the bedroom doors are shut it doesn’t get loads of sunlight. so i painted the walls that are mostly shaded with the lighter color (gauzy white) and the walls that tend to get more sun the darker color (angora). it’s barely noticeable, but makes a huge difference by making usually darker areas look brighter. now i’m really ready to tackle the hall decorating. full force people.

i’m still planning on hanging my curtains. but this will require a sewing machine (which most of you now know i don’t have) to turn this amazing vintage fabric into said curtains. lets hope their hung sometime in january.

so my first project in the hall was to install a shelf. i found these amazing chippy vintage corbels at clarion river trading co. in ridgway, pa (love that place) and new they would make the most perfect shelf.

Inspired By Charm


so for $45 (for the pair) and a white painted piece of old wood, i had a brand new shelf!



Inspired By Charm


the display was inspired by the color of my future curtains. it’s a bit more country vintage then my taste prefers, but the goal was to do it without spending a penny by using things i already had. and i did just that!


Inspired By Charm


it’s kind of a new mini mantel for me to change up for the seasons. love that!


Inspired By Charm

i continued the theme and spirit by wrapping some white satin ribbon around my pillows. they sit on a built in bench that use to function as the laundry shoot before it was filled with pipes for the additional bathrooms for each guest room.

Inspired By Charm

little pillow presents.


Inspired By Charm


i also wanted a new light fixture for the hall. this one to be exact. but since i’m trying to save a bit these days, i splurged on a $15 drum shade from walmart and placed it over the existing fixture. much, much better.


Inspired By Charm

i may end up painting the fixture white, but i haven’t decided. what do you think?

Inspired By Charm

i also installed dimmer switches to both lights in the hall, which makes a huge difference.

so i guess i’m moving right along. i’ll share more of the hall as it gets completed.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Ellie at

    I love that shelf! I’m new to your blog and haven’t learned much about it, so tell me, is this your house or your bed & breakfast? Looking forward to exploring more!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Wow every thing looks great, I love your new faux mantel shelf. Those green rope trees are adorable. I love the light fixture as well, paint or no paint it looks great now :+)

  • Holly @ Roller Coaster Life at

    I love that new shelf you have!! Those corbels are soo cool! Love the mirror too!! And I can’t wait to see the curtains hung!

    And I definitely think you should paint the light fixture!! The one you really want is WOW! And so is that price tag!

    Oh and I want that bitch.. no bench!! GAH!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Everything looks great. I love the little shelf you made. I like the light in the brass, but white would be a little more cheeky and fun. I love that you just sprung for a drum shade. So clever.

  • My Cottage Charm at

    Hey Michael 🙂
    Thanks for you sweet comment about my village, I just love it and it holds so many memories for me. 🙂
    Your hall is very the bench and pillow presents!
    Hope you have a great Christmas, please come by again!

  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity at

    The hall looks lovely and your new corbels are just the thing to make a nice vingette over the bench. Love those present cushions.

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