I literally can’t wait for summer to get here. I want put on shorts and flip flop everyday. I want to drink my morning coffee on the porch. I want to play in the dirt. I want to go swimming. I’m just ready! How about you?

With that in mind I wanted to share a bucket load of garden ideas in this week’s Very Pinteresting.

Inspired By Charm

So make yourself cozy and get ready for some wonderful garden inspired ideas!

For the details and more information about each of these projects, click the link below each picture and you will be directed the appropriate site.

Love this idea from my pal Jen over at Notes from the Heartland. 

She made Garden Markers from orange juice concentrate lids!

Inspired By Charm

Garden Markers via Notes from the Heartland

Probably one of my favorite shed transformations. The brilliant Donna of Funky Interiors transformed a lack luster building into a mini haven. Her ‘junky’ touches make it completely unique and beautiful!

Inspired By Charm

Shed Overhaul via Funky Junk Interiors

I actually really need/want on of these! A moveable, green gate! Genius! 

Inspired By Charm

Movable Green Gate via Southern Living

This is actually one of my own creations, a living wreath I created a few years ago. 

I think I may give it a try again this year! 

Inspired By Charm

A Living Wreath via Inspired by Charm

This is another planting project I want to try someday. A sphere made from succulents.

My only concern about this is I need a place to put it inside during the winter. Ideas?

Inspired By Charm

Succulent Sphere via Drought Smart Plants

Another great use for a pallet! Loving this sunny yellow garden wall from the uber talents of 

Melissa at The Inspired Room

Inspired By Charm

Pallet Garden via The Inspired Room

Too cute! I love using odd things to plant flowers. This bread tin is just perfect!

Inspired By Charm

Bread Box Container Garden via BHG

Need some height in your garden? Add a ladder! This is perfect. And I love that birdhouse. 

This is idea comes from Carlene of Organized Clutter Queen

Inspired By Charm

A Ladder in the Flowers Via Organized Clutter Queen

I’ve always adored this idea for an alternative window box. 

I saw it in MS Living a couple years ago and have always wanted to give it a try!

Inspired By Charm

Window Box Alternative via Martha Stewart

Have an old claw foot tub laying around? Need a fabulous outdoor coffee table?

Then this idea is for you! What a conversation piece.

Inspired By Charm

Bathtub Planter via the Garage Sale Gal

This is another project on my to do list, Hypertufa. 

I just love this orbs and I’m hoping to make a planter someday too!

Inspired By Charm

Hypertufa Balls via It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening

This is just amazing! It’s a little potting bench made from pallets! Just awesome.

My favorite parts are the pop of yellow, aqua and green. I want this!! 

Inspired By Charm

Pallet Bench via Beyond the Picket Fence

More succulents! How cute, right? A wreath made of pots, planted with succulents. 

I freaking adore it!

Inspired By Charm

Succulent Pot Wreath via Bees Knees Bungalow

An impressive use of galvanized tubs. I especially like the little feet on these! 

I’ve never seen that done with a tub before. Too cute and so practical.

Inspired By Charm

Galvanized Wash Tubs via iVillage

 Seriously, confession time, my house doesn’t have house number. 

This would be such a cute idea and would add a fun pop of color!

Inspired By Charm

Three Tiered Planter via Positively Splendid

 How cool is this! A living picture.

And I could defiantly find a spot for this inside during the winter months. 

Inspired By Charm

A Living Picture via BHG

Instead of adding seasonal color with flowers, add year long color with pots! 

These are paint cans painted fun colors and hung on a balcony. So fun!

Inspired By Charm

Paint Pails via Poppy Talk

Yes, like many others, I want chickens some day. 

I thought this chicken coop was so unique and dual functioning with it’s colorful rooftop garden.

Inspired By Charm

Rooftop Garden Chicken Coop via Sunset

I’m head-over-flipflops for this front porch. Be sure to click the link to see more pictures of this space. 

It’s welcoming, homey and vintage! I just love it!

Inspired By Charm

Bucket Planters and Entry Way via LaurieAnna’s

Don’t have a big yard for a garden? No problem! 

Attach gutters to your house for a space saving way to a delicious garden!

Inspired By Charm

Vertical Gutter Garden via Juneau Empire

I don’t know about you, but mosquitos love me and I don’t love them I’m going to have to try incorporating some of these mosquito repelling plants into my garden this year. 

Inspired By Charm

Mosquito Repelling Plants via One King Lane

Okay, one more succulent project. Isn’t this great!?

Another use for a vintage crate. I’m loving the checker board pattern.

Inspired By Charm

Soda Crate Succulents via casasugar 

This is another super cute project from Melissa of The Inspired Room. It’s a little mini garden.

So sweet. I just love it!

Inspired By Charm

Fairy Garden via The Inspired Room

And last, but certainly not least, check out this path my dear friend Donna of Funky Junk Interiors       made out of pallets! Love, love love. 

Be sure to click this link too as she shares her entire yard loaded with garden ideas! 

Inspired By Charm

Pallet Walkway via Funky Junk Interiors

That its folks! What do you think? Feeling inspired? Ready to get outside? What garden projects are on your to do list?

Inspired By Charm

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Inspired By Charm

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Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Kathy at

    LOTS of great ideas here, but my favorite is the movable green gate! Boy could I have used one of those in my previous home in a subdivision! Now I live smack in the middle of 11 acres, so the woods give me the privacy I need. Love your blog!! You always have such great ideas.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love all these images, but that succulent pot wreath is just so unique! I love it! Also, I’m drooling over that cute little chicken coop.

  • Patti at

    As for your succulent sphere that you think you would have to bring inside for the winter – I live in Central NY and I have some succulents in the ground and in large sea shells – they make it thru the winter!

    • n.a. at

      true! only the overblown flowers die
      others will survive the winter
      this why it is called Sempervivum
      semper – always
      vivum – living

  • Alan @ It's not work, It's gardening! at

    Thanks for featuring my hypertufa spheres. I made them a few years ago and have been meaning to make some more this year. It’s trickier than it seems. (Making hypertufa pots is easier!)

  • Finding Home at

    Such great projects Michael, thanks for sharing. Love them all but I really love the picture frame succulents and the succulents in the soda crate – too fun.

    We are not getting the snow here but we are getting pummeled by rain right now – fingers crossed we don’t lose power and we are all in shorts and flip flops soon!

  • Angie at

    You can leave your succulent ball outside all winter! The plants will go dormant and look great again once spring arrives! I’ve done this for many years with a living wreath that I made with succulents, and it’s cold here in Pennsylvania! It works!

  • The Enduring Gardener at

    Nice work Michael, I love that bench made from old pallets. Would go well in a cottage garden setting.

  • beth at

    LOTS of great ideas here today!

  • LaurieAnna's Vintage Home at

    Thanks so much for featuring our (back) porch, such a lovely surprise! Your blog is wonderful. Have a beautiful Sunday :-)) LaurieAnna

  • Julie at

    Soooo many great things here! I especially love the pot wreath and alternative window box.

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Woa… now THAT was fun! The soda crate succulents is sooooo me! And your living wreath… seriously in dire need of it for my front door. Fabulous!

    Thanks so much for the features, Michael!


  • Anonymous at

    I pick up pallets from the garbage behind Home Depot, but I ask first. They are usually great. You can also try Staples, which gets rid of lots of them. I’ve taken them apart for projects as well.

  • Anonymous at

    Idea for the living succulent ball, what about attaching a hook to it in the winter time and hang it indoors?

  • Anonymous at

    I see tons & tons of pins & posts w/ pallets that are supposedly free!! Where does one get pallets? Thanks for posting the ideas. It’s freezing cold & raining here today. The pics added some sunshine to my day.

  • Anonymous at

    I see tons & tons of pins & posts w/ pallets that are supposedly free!! Where does one get pallets? Thanks for posting the ideas. It’s freezing cold & raining here today. The pics added some sunshine to my day.

  • Anonymous at

    I see tons & tons of pins & posts w/ pallets that are supposedly free!! Where does one get pallets? Thanks for posting the ideas. It’s freezing cold & raining here today. The pics added some sunshine to my day.

  • Anonymous at

    I see tons & tons of pins & posts w/ pallets that are supposedly free!! Where does one get pallets? Thanks for posting the ideas. It’s freezing cold & raining here today. The pics added some sunshine to my day.

    • Anonymous at

      You can get em anywhere , ive seen people giving them away free on craigslist .. But a friend of mine works for a oil change garage and im grabbing some offf of them seen a ton in the trash

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