i got a bird feeder for christmas. this one.


Inspired By Charm




and although bird feeders seem to create nothing but a mess (seeds everywhere and little birdie ‘presents’ around), i still love having one. it’s nice watching the birds come and go. and hearing their sweet summer song.

Inspired By Charm

i originally had it hung on that hook in the middle of the porch on that white beam, can you see it? anyway, that created a big mess. lots of cracked seeds all over the porch. so i decide to move it to this brick piller. i liked it so much that i bought another feeder. looks good right? there is a climbing hydrenda vine below (you can sort of see it climbing up). i’m hoping the vine will cover the brick pillar some day. another element of green!


anyway, i had tons of little birds when i just had my one feeder, but now, with two… a birdie buffet if you will… all the birds have gone. weird right? hopefully they come back.


oh, and my rain barrel arrived yesterday afternoon! yay! i hooked it up this morning and it’s already filling up at the dusting of snow (yeah… it snowed) melts off the roof. it looks amazing. i really, really love it. i’ll post pictures soon. tgif people. tgif.

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  • Khak at

    I agree they are so messy..this is a great idea to move it out to a pillar…maybe my husband will let me refill ours if I do this. Thanks for the tip!

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