so, i’ve started to put some of my thrifty finds to good use… what do you think?

Inspired By Charm

i took this tower of bowls and planted hens & chicks (sempervivum) in each layer. they can be stacked, unstack, sorta stacked … whatever works!

Inspired By Charm

i’m not sure how they’ll do, but it’s worth the experiment. i have lots of hens & chicks.

Inspired By Charm

i really love these guys. i knew i would as soon as i saw them looking sad and lonely on the shelf at goodwill. they were begging for a new home and a new lease on life. i think they got it!

Inspired By Charm


in the background are the scalloped/crystal type glasses again planted with hens and chicks. they look okay right now, but i think it will look stellar once they fill in and start to spill over.


in the front is that little white stand with a succulent covered by a smoke glass cover of sorts (i assume it was on a lamp at some point). the cover is so delicate and it’s smokiness almost makes it’s sparkle. i really love this find!


more to come!

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  • Esther@fleurcottage at

    nicely done…esp the tiered glass!

  • Krista at

    i love everything of course, but my favs are the tower and the silver creamer!

  • My Owl Barn at

    These look amazing stacked!

  • Danielle and Clint at

    Hens and chickens are one of my favorite plants ever! I love the way you have displayed them! I may have to think about bringing some of mine indoors and doing this!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I adore the stacked bowls. So clever. Let us know if they do well. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

  • Melissa Blake at

    Beautiful blog, Michael! xoxo

  • Anonymous at

    Ho clever! You have a wonderful eye for creativity, Michael!
    Marsha from E.C., PA

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