Updating my Picture Ledges

I have every intention of showing you around the upstairs of my house. I’ve made some progress in my guest room and my bathroom, so I’m excited to share that with you. However, right now my second floor looks like a gift-wrapping bomb went off. We will get there one of these days, even if it’s after Christmas. I promise. In the meantime, would you settle for a look at my upstairs hallway?

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

A couple years ago I created these super inexpensive DIY picture ledges for a wall in the hallway. (Tutorial can be found here.) While they looked great when I hung them, as months passed and things got moved around, they started looking a little lame. They sort of became a catch-all for random frames and pictures I had around the house.

Frustrated with this area, I finally decided to take action. My plan was to create a gallery wall using the ledges to hold frames. I wanted to stick with mostly framed prints / photographs and maybe toss in a couple small objects.

With this in mind, I knew I needed some new things to fill my frames, so I headed over to Minted to check out their huge artwork section. And by huge, I mean ginormous. I was actually a bit overwhelmed at first. As you know, I love so many things, so choosing was harder than I anticipated. To make the task manageable, I had to limit myself.

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

Since I love being near the ocean, I decided to create a mini beach-inspired getaway in my hallway. That meant I’d stick with art that reminded me of the water. I’d also limit my color palette: white, greens, blues, and obviously a touch of gold.

What felt overwhelming quickly became easy and fun! I just used the tools on the Minted site to narrow my search (You can do so by color and theme.) and voila! I had a collection of prints I was both excited about and inspired by.

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

And just like that, my picture ledges were back to looking company-ready! And, because these prints were purchased specifically for this space, I won’t be moving them around to other areas of the house anytime soon.

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

Since the holidays are here, I added stockings, pine, and Christmas ornaments to give things a festive touch.

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

how to gallery wall

Much better!

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

Now, every time I walk into this hallway, I feel relaxed instead of stressed. It also makes me want to plan my next vacation pronto! And that my friends is exactly what art should do.

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

Now, I know that’s not my entire upstairs, but at least it’s a sneak peek. I just wanted to give you something to look forward to. Ha!

Updating my Picture Ledges | inspiredbycharm.com

As always, I would love to know what you think of my updated picture ledges.

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  • Sharon at

    Love the photos! Where did you get the white bench??? I’ve been looking for one just like that.

  • Chloe | Boxwood Avenue at

    Minted really is such a great resource to create great galleries. I love the colors you selected for this space!

  • Lindsey White at

    I appreciate you showing us your progress, because sometimes I get frustrated with myself over how slow things can take sometimes (finding the perfect coffee table, for example can take months!). It is also wonderful to see the progression from the beginning to a finished product. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Amanda Katherine at

    The prints you chose look great together! I’m always overwhelmed when I go to Minted because there are so many things to look at I can’t decide! Love the glimpse of your upstairs 🙂


  • Rebecca at

    I love everything about the picture ledges and how you styled them each time. You appear to be a natural. You have inspired me to make some ledges which will be the easy part. The hard part will be styling them to look half as nice as yours.

    Where did you find the turquoise mercury glass ornaments?

    Subscribing to your blog, which I have never even considered doing when have I read other blogs.


  • Ruthie P at

    Hi Michael,I don’t usually comment on blogs,shy I guess,but I follow your blog and I love it.You are so talented.You always have great ideas.You have a beautiful older home.I love the way you make it so bright and cheerful.Love the new paint in the entry way.Love all the colors in your home.I really like what you are doing with the guest room.When you were thinking of doing away with the bed,I was screaming at the screen…nooooo paint it black(was I screaming that loud that you heard me?:)) Your recipes are awesome,your patio is wonderful.I am making up for lost time because I don’t post…so keep up the great work.I always look forward to a new post from you. Also,your Cristmas post was so much fun and a joy to see.Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Keep them coming:))

  • Lisa at

    Ha! You definitely have Tropics on the brain… and it works so well! I love what you’ve done with a boring hallway. Especially the fact you ran the shelves all the way between the two doorways. As usual you think beyond what the rest of would do. If that were my home I’d be lingering in the hall a lot more than usual. Beautiful.

  • Julie at

    I love the theme, color scheme, and especially the deer with ornaments! But I basically love everything you do, so…

  • Megan at

    You took what was once just a tiny bit of wall and really transformed it into something unexpected.

  • Sue at

    Very soothing and calm.

  • Elle at

    Lookin’ good! It’s holiday without being too holiday. Beautiful choices.

  • Alice Gatto at

    I absolutely love that hallway. The colors that you picked are perfect for me. Now you’ve given me another place to shop for prints too!

    Have a wonderful New Year right after your Merriest Christmas ever.

    Enjoying all your posts.

    Alice G.

  • Lisa B. at

    Love all those blues and greens. It has a calming effect 🙂

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