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well, first, a million and one ‘thank yous’ for all the love you gave me yesterday about my table and signs. you people are ah-mazing. sure know how to make a guy feel special. (and it’s nice to see so many ‘the office’ fans out there!)

i wanted to share two more signs with you today … hope you like them.

this first sign i made from a text/graphic i found on a blog. i don’t remember where, so i do apologize. (if you know – shoot me an email.)

Inspired By Charm

i’ve been saving images and sayings in a file on my computer for signs i want to make. this quote i found a couple weeks ago and thought it would make a great sign!

Inspired By Charm


the text is in an orangish yellow. i pieced together two oddly cut boards. i think the combination works really nice. and since the snow doesn’t want to seem to stop falling from the sky today, i can just look at this here sign and think of brighter tomorrows.

Inspired By Charm

this next sign is completely 100% inspired by a sign i saw here. in fact, other than the wood it’s painted on, the text is pretty much identical.


Inspired By Charm


i’ve been in love with this sign for quite some time so i knew i had to make it. i love how it looks on my new shelf.


Inspired By Charm


i gave the wood a blueish/greyish feel. it may be hard to tell in my pictures, but it’s there. again i used some old wood piece together. which reminds me, i got this wood from the wonderful people at r.m. smith lumber & wood. i found them via an ebay search. it turns out they live sorta nearby. (shout out to all my fellow pennsylvanians!) i believe they are tearing down a shed so this is where all the wood is coming from. they have a facebook page, and also do a little blogging too. in fact they just shipped me some more wood today! yay.


oh, and my kitty jax wanted to say hi.  he’s a little shy/scared of the camera as you can tell from the expression on his face. but isn’t he the sweetest?


Inspired By Charm


hope you’re having the best wednesday ever! unless your jen, in which case i hope you and your family feel better soon. being sick is the pits!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Rhonda at

    I love vintage signs and both of yours are my new favorites! Would LOVE to know what font you used for the top sign. I am so looking forward to your tutorial…

  • at

    First time vistor, saw your sign on pinterest. THEY ARE AMAZING! Did you ever do the tut? Would love to try this, after I get a lot more practice in. Thanks for the inspiratiion!
    Lorrie (in PA!)

  • judi at

    kudos michael! these signs are just wonderful, i love them both but the swirls in the first are impressive.
    i second the idea of selling these signs…perfect for your shop, no?!

  • Mrs. Limestone at

    Love this. I would absolutely love to see the tutorial if you ever get around to putting it together. Beautiful work.

  • mitchiesmom at

    Love, love, love your signs!!! I would snap up the Best is Yet to Come if only you sold it – you have to make more and sell!!! I’m a new follower and so glad to have found you!!!

  • Melissa at

    I love your signs…i am curious did you glue the wood pices together?

    Best wishes,

  • freckled laundry at

    Popping in from Marian’s Copy Me Challenge. Your signs are beautiful. I am in awe at how closely you replicated her “Fresh Berries” sign. Unbelievable!

    Great job,

  • Kim @ Cheap Chic Home at

    I love your signs, the script is just perfect and you found great wood scraps to use.

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