Tuesday Tunes 31: Summer Playlist


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Tuesday Tunes Playlist here on Inspired by Charm, so I’ve put together a collection of songs to create a new Summer Playlist perfect for the season.

This past weekend was a fun one. I actually had my first guest at my new house: my Mom! While my Mom did see the exterior of the home before I bought it, this was her first time inside the new space.

I had no doubts that she’d love it, but I was still a bit nervous as I have much to do in making it my own and I just barely feel settled. As I mentioned in my last post, it wasn’t until a week ago that I finally was able to use the upstairs space.

Summer Playlist 2018 - Song to celebrate summer! #playlist #music #summer #tunes

Despite my nervousness, we ended up having a great weekend. We spent some time at the house, biked along the river through the city, and hit up the Farmers Market for my favorite bagel and some nitro coffee. I even got the chance to take my mom along with me as I picked up my weekly flower CSA. While all of this was great fun, the highlight of the weekend was the Sugarland Concert we attended on Friday night.

Summer Playlist 2018 - Song to celebrate summer! #playlist #music #summer #tunes

If you aren’t a member of the IBC mailing list or are not following along via Instagram, then you probably don’t know that I am a huge fan of the band Sugarland. They took about a six year break from making music, but came out with a new album (affiliate link) and are touring this year.

Having never seen them in concert, I bought tickets for the nearest show (which was in Youngstown, Ohio) as soon as they went on sale. Thankfully the timing worked out perfectly and my mom was able to go with me.

Summer Playlist 2018 - Song to celebrate summer! #playlist #music #summer #tunes

Naturally, the show was amazing. If you’re a fan too, you should try to find a concert near you to attend. You won’t be disappointed.

On the way to the show, my mom mentioned that I haven’t shared a new playlist recently and that she had been listening to my older ones for quite some time. (You can find all of my Tuesday Tunes playlists here.) Needing to organize a new collection of tunes for myself too, I decided to create this Summer Playlist.

There’s really no theme to this collection other than songs that I’ve been listening to lately and loving. Some are slow, others are fast. Some are a little country, others are pop. If you’ve liked a majority of my playlists before, I think you’ll like this one too.

Summer Playlist 2018 - Song to celebrate summer! #playlist #music #summer #tunes

As with all of my playlists, you can listen by using the player below or by clicking here to listen directly on Spotify. You’re also welcome to follow me on Spotify for sneak peeks of what I’m listening to.

Whether you discover a new tune or simply enjoy my collection of current favorites, I hope you’ll love this summer playlist.

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