It seems like forever since I’ve shared a Tuesday Tunes playlist here on IBC. The goal was to share one or two each month, but it’s been about three months since my last one. OOPS! I think that’s a clear indication of how bananas the past several months have been. How can June be almost over already? What the heck happened?

Typically, I have a theme for my playlists, but today’s tunes are just a random mix of what I’ve been listening to. They are a good representation of the variety of music I’m drawn to. There’s some Miley Cyrus (who’s new music I can’t get enough of), The Lumineers, Lady Gaga, and even a track from Phish. In general, I don’t like the latter’s music, but I truly do enjoy this one song.

With lots of trips back and forth to Pittsburgh over the past couple of months and a brain that won’t stop analyzing and worrying, this playlist has saved my sanity many a time.

Tuesday Tunes 24 - This is June Summer Music Playlist | Inspired by Charm

Even though these songs don’t necessarily “go together,” if you’re heading out on a road trip or just need a distraction at home or on your next walk, I hope they’ll help you destress and quiet your thoughts.


As always, you can listen to this Tuesday Tunes playlist using the player above or directly on Spotify here.

Feel free to follow me on Spotify for all of my playlists and sneak listens to upcoming Tuesday Tunes. Hope your week is off to a great start!

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