For the past month or so, I have listened nonstop to Christmas music. I’m not kidding. I normally get tired of playlists pretty quickly, but after creating four holiday Tuesday Tunes playlists, I had plenty of variety to carry me through til the new year.

Now it’s time to pack those playlists away and listen to a few fresh new tunes and old favorites. That’s why I put together this playlist called, “Hello, 2017.”

I don’t know about you, but as usual, I’m not quite ready for this new year. The past couple weeks have been challenging for me for personal reasons (new ones and those I’ve bottled up for a while). As some of you know, this time of year is usually pretty challenging for me, but this year seems even more so. I guess it’s just hard to move forward when your feet are stuck in the mud. But at least it’s mud, and not concrete, right!?

Tuesday Tunes / 20 - Hello, 2017 | Inspired by Charm

Anywho, this playlist is just a happy, reflective, mellow mix. Whether you’re packing up Christmas decor or flipping through a mag as you sip a glass of wine, I hope you’ll find these tunes to be the perfect audio backdrop.



You can listen to this new playlist using the player above or go directly to Spotify by clicking here. You are also welcome to follow my Spotify profile to access all of my favorite tunes and upcoming playlists.

No matter where you’re at as we start another year, I hope love fills your heart and peace comforts your soul. Happy 2017, my friends!



Tuesday Tunes / 27 - Falling for Folk
Tuesday Tunes / 26 - Cool for the Summer
Tuesday Tunes / 25 - Country Heart
Tuesday Tunes / 24 - This is June
Tuesday Tunes / 23 - Spring Awakening
Tuesday Tunes / 22 - Good Morning
Tuesday Tunes / 21 - Songs About Love
Tuesday Tunes / 19 - Contemporary Christmas
Tuesday Tunes / 20 - Hello, 2017
Tuesday Tunes / 18 - Folksy Christmas
Day 1: Holiday Home Tour 2016
Day 1 Holiday Home Tour 2016
Day 2: Flocked Christmas Tree
Tuesday Tunes / 16 - Classic Christmas
Tuesday Tunes / 17 - Country Christmas
Tuesday Tunes / 15 - Celebrate Friendsgiving
Tuesday Tunes 14 / Ultimate Halloween Playlist
Tuesday Tunes / 13 - Autumn Acoustic
Tuesday Tunes / 12 - Going Country
Tuesday Tunes / 11 - Modern Mix
Tuesday Tunes / 10 - You Are Amazing
Tuesday Tunes / 09 - Happy Folks
Tuesday Tunes / 08 - Summertime Chill
Tuesday Tunes / 07 - Perfect Planting Playlist
Tuesday Tunes / 05 - Fiesta!
Tuesday Tunes / Cover, Girl |
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Tuesday Tunes / 04 - Empowerfulled
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Tuesday Tunes /// 02 |
Tuesday Tunes /// 03 |
Tuesday Tunes /// 01 |
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  • Kristina at

    Happy New Year!! I absolutely LOVE that version of Time After Time by Iron & Wine! Thank you for introducing it =) I hope your 2017 is amazing!!

    • Debra at

      Yes, thank you for sharing this version of Time After Time. I’ve been searching for weeks for just the right song for an important occasion. This may just be it! All the best to you, Michael. You’re so talented and authentic.

  • sonia // daring coco at

    Happy New Year to you! It’s my first time here so I’m not sure what exactly has you feeling so stuck but can I just say something you mentioned really resonated. I’ve been feeling stuck myself, for the last two years even. I like that you mentioned it’s only mud, not concrete. It’s given me a fresh perspective. Thank you!


  • Donna via Funky Junk Interiors at

    One of my goals this year is to figure out how to work these playlists into my life. I don’t have even ONE song on my phone because I don’t get it! ?? I sure know where to go once I figure it out!

    And I know all too well about pulling along weight we wish we could just release once and for all. I don’t have answers as I struggle with this too. Life is such a test. Here’s to us both passing…

    • Jennifer at

      I don’t have any songs on my phone either and I would so like some! I guess I could ask my teenage son for help but I don’t think he would ever let me hear the end of it.

  • Mimi at

    Well there you go again, putting a smile on my face with a Brandi Carlile song. She’s a favorite! Have a great year Michael!

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