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If you hang out with me over on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that this past weekend I started planting my outdoor flowers. Even through the rain, I was bound and determined to get things in the ground or in their pots so they could start growing. And anyone who knows me and music, won’t be surprised that with my tunes cranked up loud, I was shimmying while I shoveled.

Every year in the late summer or fall, I tell myself that come next spring I’m not going to buy so many flowers. Having to water plants daily, losing some to the critters or heat or whatever, and then cleaning up everything at the end of the growing season can drive me bananas. After years of doing this, you’d think I would have learned my lesson. No so. This year I have more pots and plants than ever!

Anywho, back to the music. Inspired by my planting adventures, I thought a new Tuesday Tunes list was in order. I’m calling this one the “Perfect Planting Playlist.” (Nice use of alliteration there, right?)

Tuesday Tunes 07 Perfect Planting Playlist | inspiredbycharm.com

This playlist is kind of a grab bag of songs. However, it’s mostly what you’ve come to expect from me: chill and folksy, but still happy and groovy enough to keep you planting. What more could you ask for?

Go get your plants, grab your shovel and some soil, push play, and start planting. You can use the playlist above or listen directly on Spotify by clicking here.

Also, I made another playlist available on my Spotify profile. It’s called “RUN.” This is usually the playlist I turn on when I’m working out, running, walking, etc. These are the tunes that keep me moving. You’re welcome to subscribe to that playlist as well. However, while I don’t change my Tuesday Tunes lists, I am constantly updating my “RUN” playlist. I mention that because I don’t want you to be surprised when tracks disappear from the list. So, if there is something that you like, create your own list or note it elsewhere.

And while you’re on Spotify, be sure to subscribe to my profile. You’ll get a sneak listen to some of the playlists I’m working on and will be among the first to know when I create a new one.

Now, get to gardening. And happy listening!

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