there i was, minding my own business, and i stubbled across one sydney road … a brand new (like i think it just opened this week) online boutique. trouble. big trouble.

there is a ‘look’ called rustic glamour. i think that could be my middle name. and look at the picture ….

Inspired By Charm



and who wouldn’t want one of these coffee sack pillows!? two please!

Inspired By Charm

i do love this runner too. i was actually just inspired by a picture i found the other day where someone stencil the word ‘eat.’ on their farm table. too cool. i think that’s why i love this guy.

and these tea towels. i don’t think i could use it. frame it … yes? dry my dishes with it … no!
Inspired By Charm


there are even shopping guides to help you find the perfect gift. awesome!


and who doesn’t love something with a bit of character?


Inspired By Charm


i’ve been following piper, the owner and creator of one sydney road, for a while on her blog as well as makeunder my life. i’m so happy and excited for her. as a fellow retailer i know the work and effort that opening a shop involves.

while i appreciate the beauty and qualitly of her shop, currently the prices are a bit out of my range, but i’m always searching for beautiful inspiration! check out her boutique. i know you’ll love it!

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  • Jessica at

    I love the pillow and the Canada dry box! Totally my style as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Very cool. Thanks for the new find Michael! Oh…and I LOOOVVVVEEE your new header….so pretty and wintry.

  • one sydney road at

    Well, you just made my day!!! Thanks so much for such a lovely post on the store…wow!! April (from my best friend’s closet) sent the link to me – so glad she did. Thanks for following my journey – although I think it’s just beginning! (and btw…I’m smitten with the coffee sack pillows…I want them for myself! 🙂

    And if this helps…tomorrow’s dream reporter post will have a discount code for you to use!!! (

    Nice to “meet”

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