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As much as I love being at home, there is really no place like the tropics. In this gorgeous oasis, the sun is always shining, palm trees abound, sunsets and sunrises are magical, and all your cares fade into the background.

Add Tropical Style to Your Space | Inspired by Charm

When I speak of the tropics, I’m talking about the Caribbean. In a few weeks, I’ll be hitting the seas again with my friends at Carnival to cruise back to this beautiful part of the world. While I’m a bit anxious about going solo this time around, I’m equally excited about leaving my worries on the dock and filling my days with R&R.

I’m also looking forward to digging up design inspiration for my home. The bright colors, lush plants, and relaxed vibe are some of the tropical touches I love to have in my own space. Before I set sail again, I thought it’d be fun and helpful to share ways you can bring in bits of this style to your home. Let me show you.



Things like curtains, bed linens, throws, and pillows are great ways to not only add softness to your home, but also give the room a story. Simply buy textiles that remind you of a tropical vacation and recreate that feeling in your space. Colors that you’d find in the ocean, such as teals, blues, and greens are an excellent place to start.

Add Tropical Style to Your Space | Inspired by Charm

If you’re feeling more adventurous, use textiles with a tropical-inspired print like these palm patterned pillows that grace my guest room.


Artwork and Photographs

If you’re not wanting to completely redecorate, look to your walls for opportunities to display your love of the tropics. One of my favorite projects here on IBC (and yours, too – Thank you.) is my wanderlust gallery wall.

Spring Home Tour | Inspired by Charm

Without being overtly “themey,” framing photographs from a Caribbean vacation is an easy and inexpensive way to add that breezy feel to your space. If you’re not a photographer, no worries. Just pick up a few pieces of art on your travels. When cruising, I’ve found that most ports of call have good places to shop. Purchase art that makes you happy. Even framing some postcards in a similar way could be great option.



Speaking of shopping while traveling, picking up a few stylish souvenirs is another easy way to incorporate tropical style. Personally, I like to steer clear of the typical kitschy travel souvenirs. If possible, buy things that are locally made or unique to the place.

Add Tropical Style to Your Space | Inspired by Charm

Things like pottery, textiles, and artwork are great options. However, if kitschy makes you smile, go for it. I think that every home can benefit from a touch of whimsy. If it gives you a reason to smile or acts as a conversation starter, it’s certainly worth having in your home.

Add Tropical Style to Your Space | Inspired by Charm



In some weird way, decorating with plants has become (dare I say) “trendy.” I realize plants have been around forever, but talk of succulents, fiddle leaf figs, and cacti is everywhere these days, and for good reason. If you ever find your space missing something, and you notice there are no plants in the room, try adding one.

Add Tropical Style to Your Space | Inspired by Charm
Spring Home Tour | Inspired by Charm

I’m always amazed what plants can do for space. They add movement, life, texture, and color, and some even help to filter the air. What’s not to love? With this so-called “trendiness,” the variety of plants available is almost endless, even tropical ones like palms and succulents can be purchased in most parts of the country. This also makes them a relatively inexpensive decorating item. The best part? They are pretty easy to care for.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas on how to make your home feel a bit more Caribbean-inspired. Whether it’s textiles, art, souvenirs, or plants. you can easily recreate a tropical oasis right at home. What other ways do you like to add a touch of the tropics to your space?

Away We Go With Carnival
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  • Christina @ Beach House Plans at

    Oh my, this highlights it all – the showcase of the essential elements our subconscious looks for when we are at the beach… the photography is absolutely beautiful and this completely redefines my understanding of beach house plans & designs.. ^_^ Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Julie Blanner at

    All beautiful, easy ideas to make an escape in your own home! I especially love the bedroom!

  • Sheila at

    Your ideas are clever and the photographs are very well done. We enjoy visiting the Caribbean by cruise and hope this trip yields you much inspiration and relaxation. Have fun!

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