As I mentioned before, last year I planted a majority of my flowers from seed, and will do the same this year. I’m hoping to start this week if my plant light bulbs arrive in time. Most of the seeds I have require temperatures ranging from 70-80 degrees to germinate. Unfortunately the temperatures in central PA are not going to exceed 38 degrees of within the next 10 days…maybe even longer (The Weather Channel only gives me a 10-day forcast). I’m hoping that my plant lights, a heating pad and a mini heater will help. Lets hope.

Anyway, last summer I saw a picture of a geranium topiary in Cottage Living magazine. I was inspired, I had to have one! So at the end of summer I looked through all my geraniums to find one with a somewhat straight stems. Success! I found one. I transplanted it into a pot and cared for it all winter long.

I also did some research to find out which geraniums make the best topiary. I was told by several sources it was the Lemon Crispum Geranium. It’s leaves have a wonderful lemon scent, supposedly it can be use for cooking and it has pink flowers. I purchased three of these in the fall, bad idea. Having to keep them alive all winter was tough, but I think I succeed. Just last week I trimmed them down to one main stem…there used to be many sprouts and branches.


I have four topiaries in total, one a standard geranium, which happens to be the tallest, and three Lemon Crispum Geraniums. I think they are as ready as I am for the spring and summer. Bring on the sunshine.

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