today i…


…am grateful for your kind words, support and love of my sign. thank you. you have truly moved me in a profound way and i am unbelievably grateful.

…decided i needed a case/bag for my laptop. i really like this one.

Inspired By Charm

via FeleCase on etsy

i don’t like the price tag ($60) so i’m going to attempt to make it myself. anyone know where i can get some really good wool felt?

…was so happy to stumble across the amazing house tour of one alicia (and andy) paulson of poise gets cozy.  she is truly a visionary in every sense of the word. in a way, her house breaks all the ‘rules’ of design and i am still infatuated with it. i’m all about throwing the ‘rules’ out the window!
it’s a home. a beautiful, comfortable home.

Inspired By Charm

my favorite part of the tour? when andy said, (in response to the question ‘what is your favorite part of the house’) “actually, i like anywhere alicia is.” and the most heartwarming part is he honestly meant it. he is completely smitten for her. i hope i find that kind of love some day.

…am kind of embarrassed by the fact that i really like this song. it just makes me want to dance and sing and be happy. this is weird, right?

…appreciative of this video posted by mighty girl. the best part? … “it’s a lie. it’s simply a lie…”

…ready to get back on my sewing machine. i have fabric cut out and it’s screaming in the cabinet for me to stitch it up into something beautiful.

Plus Quilt fabric squares

it will be a plus quilt. tutorial here.

…have the urge to buy a puppy. i won’t. but i do really, want one. one just like this.

Inspired By Charm

don’t worry mom. i won’t be buying a puppy this weekend.

…read this sign.

Inspired By Charm

via gillar girl

and i honestly thought it said ‘make more farts’ for a good 30 seconds. make. more. farts? i just didn’t get it.
this is why i need to put my contacts in before i do anything else in the morning.

what did you do today?

Inspired By Charm

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  • gillar girl at

    holy moses. that gave me a good chuckle! yeah, my boys would have liked that version of the poster as well 🙂


  • Anonymous at

    Would love to visit the northeast the birthplace of our great country…love your website and recipes!

  • leny frog at

    Where in America would I most like to visit? Vermont! I’ve spent my entire life in the Pacific Northwest. I hear the colors in the fall are fabulous. So much history there and so many things to explore!
    Linda J.

  • Sue at

    Oh I just love felted wool. I make flowers with it right now and buy it from my local quilt shop. Love to see it when you are done. 🙂

  • linda elsken at

    I just found you on Pinterest. I love all your images and have repinned a bunch of them. I love your blog too! You are soooo talented and inspiring. I thought the sign said “build more farts” too! I guess we all think alike….I’ll be following you

  • Skye (Skye Loves...) at

    That puppy is so adorable. I think that you must buy it. Simply must 🙂

  • Ali Richardson at

    I love this post! Ha ha, you make me laugh 🙂

  • MelissaD at

    I love Posie Gets Cozy – she’s on my daily read list – as are you!
    Dogs are great pets – we have only 2 right now plus 2 cats …. we’ve had many more at times – add 12 puppies, a rabbit, some ducks, parakeets and a horse – LOL. You just need to be sure you have the time to spend with your pets that they need.
    Make more farts!

  • Jennifer at

    PS. I am your 1000th follower !!!!!!!!!!! Woot Woot

  • joan at

    Have you thought about buying some wool fabric and felting it very easy. Also you might just have enough from felting a mans jacket to make this beautiful laptop case. I use the washer and murphy’s oil soap to felt. Let it dry and then iron until smooth with a good steam iron. Contact me if you need help. Sorry the only wool I have right now is bright green, but it is yours if you want it.

  • Jennifer at

    So I was poking around Facebook… and Imagine Gnats had a link to this post… Now I’m poking around your blog and I’m in love! 😉 I’ve always wanted to own/operate a bed and breakfast or Inn… *sigh* maybe some day.
    As for the puppy… I have one just like your picture… feel free to borrow him any time 🙂 We rescued him from the pound and he’s my baby. But there are days I’d be ok with a break LOL.

    Back to poking around your blog…

  • rachael at

    i want to say it’s moda that has an incredibly nice wool… they carry it at my local sewing shop and i can check if you like (or not one else knows!). and don’t even start with the animals. our house is full, and yet last weekend the hubby kept texting me pics of dogs from the pet store. ugh. nine pets is enough… i think.

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