… made this (oatmeal cookie coffee cake) for breakfast. i mean come on, who could resist a recipe with both cookie and cake in the title. i omitted the raisins. i found it to be extremely delightful. it was served with blueberry buttermilk pancakes, maple apple sausage, scrambled eggs and fruit.

Inspired By Charm


… discovered a 1/4 inch quilting foot for my sewing machince because of this blog. remember how i mentioned i had a hard time keeping a straight line. well… this could help! really. i think it will. i already ordered it. yeah, that’s right. i don’t mess around.



Inspired By Charm

… sadly i’m having some issues with my globe project i mentioned yesterday. here’s a teeny tiny preview. but it’s debut may be delayed to next week. i hope. it could turn out to be a giant fail … which would be okay because now i know how to avoid the problem in the future. keep your fingers crossed won’t you?


Inspired By Charm


… am slightly obsessed with this song. do you know adele? she is coming out with her sophomore album on february 22nd. i’ve already heard a couple songs and i’m already in love. i adore her voice. i get goosebumps every time i hear her songs.who are you listening to and loving these days?




… hoping to make some of these pillows.


Inspired By Charm


aren’t they beautiful!? ahh! i adore the font. love it. i have some left over dropcloth from a display i did in the gift shoppe that would be perfect. maybe i could make some napkins or a table runner. who knows? i also found this fabric paint. sadly, as some of you already know, the closest craft store (joanns) is about 45 minutes from my house. the closest michael’s/acmoore is about 1.5 hours. i know. it’s terrible. thank goodness for online shopping and free shipping!

… was sooooo excited to see my kitchen table project on better after. that girl lindsey is the best! and i love the story she wrote to accompany the project. head over and check it out.

… can’t believe i’m almost at 300 followers. it’s unreal! and i know to some of you this may be peanuts, but i’m super excited and thankful and honored. i actually am planning a little giveaway once i hit that 300 mark, so stay tuned for that.

… was touched that my guests thought of me during their tour of local wineries yesterday. true beauty in the little things.

Inspired By Charm

… need a nap. i’ve been a bit cranky inside the past couple days. i guess i’m in a bit of a funk. not feeling overly inspired. i think it’s a combination of my diet (i totally need some french fries and a big piece of cake … that could possibly solve everything), this snow (is it april, yet) and a lack of sleep. ever have one of those days/week. blah.

here’s to a brighter tomorrow!

Inspired By Charm

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  • Kelsee at

    I think you are my twin. It’s almost a little scary. I have a girl crush on Adelle. And the fact that you left out the raisins in your cake is exactly what I would do, not only do I not like raisins, I don’t like warm fruit, but I can have apple pie only if it is topped with ice cream. Lol And I have that same quilting foot due to the fact that my quilts look like I had a seizure while doing it because my stitches are not straight. Lol

  • Suzanne@Meridian Road at

    Yesterday was, statistically, the most depressing day of the year. Lots of people are in a funk this week. But that cake looks good enough to bring anyone out of a grumpy mood. 🙂

  • Bethany Dirksen at

    My main question: why am I not eating that cake right now? I currently don’t have a working oven and, of course, I am craving baked goods!

    And, yes, I am having “one of those weeks” as well. I was going to blame it on hormones. Sounds good, right?

  • alexandjess at

    I sent you a box in Decemeber with some fabric and a few Brother sewing items (bobbins and a sequin/piping foot). Well just this morning I was moving some furniture around and I found the other foot I had wanted to send you. And you won’t believe it but it is the 1/4″ quilting foot with guide. Talk about some crazy timing!

    Please let me know if you haven’t ordered the foot yet, I’d be so happy to send you the one I have. My new machine doesn’t take Brother feet. And I’ve had an impossible time trying to sell any sewing items on ebay. I’d be happy just to see it go to someone who will use it. 🙂
    email: alexlovesjess (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • alexandjess at

    Oh darn, I just re-read your post and saw that you already ordered it.

    Well, if it isn’t too late to cancel your order and you want a free foot, let me know 🙂

    Or if any of your readers see the comment and want the foot they can email me too!

  • alexandjess at

    Oh darn, I just re-read your post and saw that you already ordered it.

    Well, if it isn’t too late to cancel your order and you want a free foot, let me know 🙂

    Or if any of your readers see the comment and want the foot they can email me too!

  • Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. at

    Eat cake, take a nap, whatever you need to recharge! And be sure to go check my latest blog post. I’m sending The Stylish Blogger Award your way if you’d like to play along. I really love the work you are doing here!

  • Ron at

    Hi Michael!

    Just discovered your blog over at Homesweet Homemade. And after reading your About Me page, I realized you live in PA too. I live in Center City (born there, moved away, and then moved back). Never heard of St Mary, Pa, but it looks and sounds lovely.

    Awesome B&B you have! Utterly charming!

    Anyway, it’s nice to meet someone from PA. Great blog you have here!

    I’ll be back!

  • Jodi at

    Ooh, that coffee cake is on my to-make list for this weekend!

  • The Boston Lady at

    Yesterday was a blah day, even here in Florida. Love the looks of that cake, love Adelle and I am waiting for James Blunt’s new album to drop tomorrow!! Ann

  • Alexis at

    That cake looks amazing! have another piece and take that nap!

  • April in CT at

    Ahhh, french fries and cake can cure just about anything. Breakfast sounds like it was amazing, I *swoon* at such a menu!

  • Amanda at

    Love your blog! Also, I’m excited to know that someone else can’t sew straight lines! haha I’m horrible at that! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer at

    it’s so funny Michael, i am just on a 10 minute break from sewing some decorative toss pillows for my gift shop and you and your sewing machine came to mind. I popped on here to suggest that you make some for your shop if you have any leftover fabrics, as the ones I have made in the past have sold rather well. They are great because they are not a high priced item. My favorite ones to make are ones with mismatched fabrics on each side – contrasting but coordinating.
    Anyway, it’s funny because todays blog post just happens to be about you thinking about sewing the pillows. Also, there is a medium that you can get to add to acrylic paint to make it fabric paint. can’t think of the name right now but i have gotten it before & it seems to do what it is suppossed to. Cheers!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Oh my goodness, that breakfast looks divine. Making my mouth water. How’s the quilting going?

  • Amanda @ Little House on the Corner at

    300 followers is nothing to sneeze at! That breakfast looks so scrumptious. And I’ll definitely have to head over to Better After to check out your kitchen table!

  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    The coffee cake looks delicious and I’m glad you omitted the dead grapes – I mean, raisins!

  • Tricia - A Rosy Note at

    Oh my, your breakfast cookie cake thing looks delicious. I don’t think I’d be able to control myself around that. I was eying up those pillows too over at Dear Lillie…gosh, they’re cute. Now, go have some fries, they make everything better 🙂

  • Mindy@FindingSilverLinings at

    Ummmm, LOVE ADELE! She’s fan frikkin tastic! Her voice has so much soul. Good taste Mikey Mike.

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