sorry i didn’t get back here yesterday. wow. i decided to put in a new ventilation fan in my bathroom. i figured it would take about an hour… maybe 1.5 hours. wow. was i wrong! 4 hours later and seriously frustrated, i finished.


maybe things like that are why my unread magazine stack looks like this…



Inspired By Charm


yes. yes. i do subscribe to a lot of magazines. and i love them all for their own unique reasons. you could call it an obsession. (wait till i show you all the articles, pictures and recipes i’ve torn out of past magazines)  usually i have plenty of time (or excuses) to get lost in them, but lately the pile just keeps climbing. (in fact, i think there is another dozen or so in a basket under my bench in my kitchen…. who knows?)


i’ve even stopped flipping through them the moment i see them in my mailbox. they just get stacked on the pile.


i need some serious magazine time…

to drool over the 50 pancake and waffle recipes in may’s food network magazine.

Inspired By Charm


or how i can upgrade my garden for $75 in may’s this old house (i wonder if i could hang a swing on my porch… hrmm)

Inspired By Charm

and then the new martha stewart living came earlier this week. look at those colors!! if i was a color story. that would be IT! orange and green with a splash of red. beautiful!

Inspired By Charm


or maybe i should start with january’s (yes, i am THAT far behind) better homes to figure out how to get organized.

Inspired By Charm


it’s supposed to rain all next week. perhaps i’ll catch up then.

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  • Ginger and Pickle at

    HI Michael! I share your love for magazines! Where do you keep yours? Do you have years and years worth in your house, or do you recycle them?

  • Michael - Innkeeper at

    @ Ginger and Pickle – i will have to show you sometime. I actually go through old issues and tear out pages that inspire me. (usally I will save a year and go through them the following year – if that makes since. like now i SHOULD be going through all of May 2009)

    Just for recipes i have 15 binders! Then for home, personal, etc… I have another 15 – 20.

    i just keep what i like/want and throw away the rest (although I should recycle them.)

  • Ginger and Pickle at

    wow! you are organized! that sounds amazing! You really should do a post on that! I, for one, would love to see that! Oh, and yes – you definitely should recycle – especially as it is Earth Day!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I’m the same way, I love my magazines but don’t have time to read them. Or clean my house. But that’s another story.

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