oh, i’m so excited.

for a while now i have been admiring how many bloggers have added watermarks to their blog photographs. some would use text. some would add graphics. either way i really liked it.

so, one day, a couple weeks ago, a spent hours trying to figure out how to add my logo to my images. i had no luck. it was sad. trying to remove the white box around the image was near impossible … to me at least.

Inspired By Charm


so then i tried just adding plain text. should be simple enough. it sort of worked. but it took a while and i couldn’t waste the time doing that to every photo i wanted to add to my blog … and i really wanted the images portion of my logo on there. i should also note that while i have photoshop (elements) i really have no idea what i’m doing.


so after making several additional attempts after my initial battle, i gave up. but as you can see from my images. i did not fail.


Inspired By Charm


i decided to work smarter instead of harder. i called up my amazingly talented logo designer rachel of puremotif and put the task in her hands.


Inspired By Charm


and, as expected, she did an amazing job. she’s the one that originally designed my logo, so who better to make it into a watermark. right?


Inspired By Charm


i think they turned out great! don’t you? in addition to tagging my blog photos, i want to turn some of my images into postcards or greeting cards for my shoppe and a couple other project too! i’m thinking about using moo.com. i’ve been loving some of their work i’ve seen through other bloggers.


so a huge thanks to rachel. and take a minute to pop over to her amazing site and share the love. she not only designs logos, but it an amazing photographer! her wedding shots are just breath taking. i adore creative people.


Inspired By Charm


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  • The Boston Lady at

    Michael, I am so glad I found your blog because each time you post I learn something new as well as have something beautiful to look at. Your pictures are wonderful and would make terrific note cards for your shoppe. Your energy and creativity are inspiring. Ann

  • Rachel at

    thanks so much for the blog love! The watermark looks great on your photos!! Thanks for thinking of me to help you out again 🙂

  • Bethany Dirksen at

    I feel just like you! I have photoshop elements and it is not very helpful to me most of the time. I need to sit down and learn some good basics…

  • natalie at

    tickled Pink. ha!

  • Victory Garden Yarn at

    I’ve been thinking about making some of my images into postcards as well, but I’m not sure who I want to go with! I use moo.com for all my business cards and hang-tags for my Etsy items, but for some reason I’m hesitant to go with them for postcards! Hrmmm…curious to know who you go with! 🙂

  • Shannon at

    It’s cute! Ha, I know my limits too…and when to call in the professionals. Although it doesn’t stop me from trying and trying (ahem, my blog) but I actually am getting a real blog design soon, I’m so excited!

  • Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art at

    What a “charming” blog! I’ve lost track of time exploring around. I’m tickled I found you. 🙂 And, yes, the watermarks look lovely and something I inspire to do as well!

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