Thrifted Chest of Drawers


For the past year or so I’ve managed to stay away from antique shops and thrift stores. It’s not that I don’t love them, but I realized I’d been buying things that I like in hopes of finding a place for them, rather than going in search of something I actually need.

As you are probably aware, shopping is definitely something I enjoy, so in order to declutter and streamline my home and life, I had to cut myself off for a bit.

Even though I’ve been avoiding said shops, I do follow one on Facebook. I always check out their weekly posts of new merchandise. Well, this week, this popped up on their page.

Thrifted Chest of Drawers | Inspired by Charm

It was love at first sight. Although my clothes closet provides ample hanging storage, I’ve been yearning for a tad more drawer space. My bedroom also felt a bit bare, so I wanted one more fabulous piece to finish things off.

Thrifted Chest of Drawers | Inspired by Charm

Needless to say (see the title of this post), I got the piece. It ended up costing $125 – a steal when compared with the $700 options I had been looking at over on West Elm.

Thrifted Chest of Drawers | Inspired by Charm

Thrifted Chest of Drawers | Inspired by Charm

Other than some minor scuffs, the piece is in excellent condition and the drawers function perfectly. I was initially concerned about the size and color of the piece based on the photo, but once I put it into my space, it took on a whole new life. A handsomely beautiful life if I do say so myself.

Thrifted Chest of Drawers | Inspired by Charm

Before bringing it home, I also considered painting the frame white and leaving the drawers wood. However, after seeing its condition and getting it positioned, I like it in its original glory.

vintage dresser

I quickly styled it with a few pieces I had. It looks good, but I think I can make it look even better.

Thrifted Chest of Drawers | Inspired by Charm

I am thrilled that I found this and that my thrifting eye is still sharp. With this addition, all of my clothes will finally have a place, which I’m hoping will help me keep things tidy.

Thrifted Chest of Drawers | Inspired by Charm

What do you think of the new piece? What’s your latest thrifting find?

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  • Rebecca at

    Hi Michael! I love your style and taste! Can you please tell me where you found this rug?!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you! The rug was from Birch Lane several years ago.

      xo Michael

  • Lorilyn at

    I’m so obsessed with your bedroom – inspires me to finish my own – it’s just so perfectly styled!

  • Marji at

    It is gorgeous. And the framed quote appears to be speaking for it! Happy you found each other.

  • emma at

    Oh please tell me where is the gorgeous gold lamp from? =O

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Emma –

      It was from the Nate Berkus collection at Target. While, they no longer sell them, I have seen some on eBay.

      xo Michael

  • Gwen, The Makerista at

    Yes, love this! The wood feels so warm and it really brings a fun, modern pop to that corner!

  • Erin at

    i love it! So much better then the west elm one!! Did you clean it before you stored your clothes? And if so, what product(s) dud you use? I need to clean a dresser I bought from a thrift store and am afraid certain products will ruin the finish. Thanks!

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