This Little Light of Mine


Oh snap. I’m officially obsessed with this light.


This Little Light of Mine | Inspired by Charm

So as you may have guessed, my bedroom has a new light. (I probably should stop calling it my bedroom since it is actually my closet. Potayto Potahto.) Anyway, isn’t this light the coolest?

This Little Light of Mine | Inspired by Charm

I assume you’ve seen this particular fixture floating around the Internet for the past year or so. It’s the Mobile Chandelier from West Elm. I hate that it’s become uber popular, but that isn’t stopping me from loving it oh so much. Plus, I think it’s totally perfect for the space.

Fun fact: I actually bought this chandelier well over a year ago when I first dreamed up this space. It’s been sitting in the box ever sense. Well, now it’s out, proud and shinning it’s little light on the world. (I may or may not have another chandelier in a box in my attic for my other guest room. It’s a problem.)

As you can imagine, with six big bulbs, there’s a lot of light. To adjust the light, I installed a dimmer switch. Something I’ve done for every overhead light in my home.

This Little Light of Mine | Inspired by Charm

Picking out overhead lights and chandeliers is probably one of my favorite things. I think overhead lights can really make or break a room. And, based on your comments here on the blog, light fixtures are one of the first things people notice, whether it be the Edison chandler in my entryway, the fixture over my dining room table, or the gold disco-ball-inspired light in my guest room.

While this particular fixture isn’t too expensive, I don’t mind paying a little extra for a really fabulous light.

This Little Light of Mine | Inspired by Charm

And that, friends, wraps up my bedroom progress for this week. Next week I’m hoping to start on the actual bed-room, install the closet system, and pick out some curtains and linens. I can’t wait until the work is done, and I can start decorating.

Let me know if you are digging my new light as much as I am. Also, what’s one of your favorite lighting fixtures?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Sandy S. at

    Love that light!! I love light fixtures, I guess it might go back to my father loading our house up with antique fixtures while growing up. I remember all the fancy globes and twisting metal hanging all over the house. I really like your chandelier too. Your house is beautiful.

    • Liz at

      Very cool! I have a chandelier from Pottery Barn in my dining room that I absolutely love,

  • Karen at

    Yep, Love it! I can’t believe you’ve had that sitting in a box for an entire YEAR! That’s some kind of restraint there. I’d have been going crazy bonkers.

  • Tiffany at

    I have so many questions! (and apparently so behind as you posted this 4 years ago?!)
    First, it looks amazing and like you, although the popularity of the light has increased making it slightly less desirable, I still want it! Some questions I have (and would so so appreciate if you have answers) are: 1. was it difficult to install? 2. Did you purchase the west elm branded LED global bulbs or another brand? 3. How’s the maintenance of the light? 4. How High are your ceilings? Would this work in an 8′ high room?

    Thank you!

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