two years ago (yeah, i know, some things take me a while) i bought this cool rusty blue tray on ebay for like a dollar or something ridiculous and i never knew what to do with it.

Inspired By Charm

so, i needed a vessel for this cool sedum (angelina sedum – i believe) i found and i thought my little blue tray would be perfect (sorry I don’t have a ‘before picture)

Inspired By Charm

so, with some cherry red spray paint and a couple of holes in the bottom, i have a pretty cool new planter for my front porch.

Inspired By Charm

the goal is for the sedum to spill over the side, but these things take time (and a little miracle grow).

and did you notice my new banner up there? (i know i change it way to often) anyway, it’s a close up of this picture.

did you get your milk deliver in the ‘old days’? as i kid i remember getting milk delivered and this was the exact box the milkman put it in. neat! right? it’s planted with a different color version (yellow and orange tips) of the same sedum.

Inspired By Charm

who needs pots?

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  • Khak at

    love the new planter~ the front porch is looking great!

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