before you start reading and viewing, go grab yourself an iced coffee … this is a long one today!

i am loving this amazing window monogram from my friend over at notes from the heartland.

Inspired By Charm

thankfully i have two windows that have been hanging out patiently in my mom’s basement for just this occasion. who knew?


Inspired By Charm

so, i’ll be making one for me and one for my sister-in-law. can i get a whoot, whoot?

i am excited for my family reunion this weekend. this is a picture of me from last year.

Inspired By Charm

can you see me? i look pretty happy huh? it’s a day full of volleyball, swimming, eating, playing cards, chattin’, laughing, more eating and then moonlight swimming at my dad’s afterward. it’s all kinds of fun.

i am thrilled that i finally figured out the species of a tree that i’ve been adoring at a house in town. tell me this isn’t beautiful…

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm


wow. right? it’s called camperdown elm. i love it’s twisty branches and weeping form. so pretty. both in the summer and winter. mines a bit small….

Inspired By Charm

but i love watching things grow… so i’m okay with that.

i am still getting fabric. i was really excited about the three pieces (yes, three..) that a received from my friend of 13 years. she knows me well, so all three of her choices were more than perfect, but this one was my favorite.

Inspired By Charm


so sweet. and she also gave me three pepper plants she started from seed (i know, she treats me well) and i already have a little pepper coming! awesome! (maybe if we’re lucky she’ll live a comment below … even though i know she doesn’t like too.)

Inspired By Charm

and i am also very thankful for my friend over at sweet symphanie for mentioning my little project. thanks soooo much!!

i am loving, loving alicia’s new quilt over at posie gets cozy. get over their and check it out. she’s my muse. i hope my quilt can look at beautiful as hers. i like the dimensions she has chosen (i’m thinking it may be the same as her ollalieberry ice cream quilt.) i’m planning on doing something similar. 24 x 28 patches, each 3.5 inches square. so that means i would need 672 patches! wow. crazy. depending on how things work out, i may try to get two squares out of each fabric sample to create some cohesiveness on the quilt. then i would only need 336 patches. that’s still quite a bit! and even though my mom is on board and excited about helping me with this project, i don’t think she’s confident that all you lovely people are going to provide me with enough fabric. help me show her we can!

i am obsessed with looking at beautiful kitchens. and over at design*sponge today they posted a gallery of jaw dropping images. these are my favorites:

Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm


and last but not least…


i am really digging this new-to-me blog – trendey. i’m fairly certain that their images and interiors have something for everyone. i love them all (well mostly all of them). so go grab a refill for your iced coffee and get over there.


i’m signing off for the weekend. talk to you monday!

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  • Mom at

    I read Old Charms blog everyday, and although I stop and visit for a quick chat with my son on a regular basis (which most days is the highlight of my day) I so enjoy his stories, and totally amazing and creative ideas. And his new idea on
    the old charm quilt is a great one.
    With a little doubt that he will recieve all the fabric he needs, here is Mom cheering everybody along, to please send fabric soon.

  • Krista at

    i’m so glad you loved those little smooching birdies as much as i did, so cute! i knew they’d be a hit! 🙂

  • Julie at

    That fabric is just gorgeous! What a great idea about your quilt.

  • Mary at

    What a fabulous idea for the quilt! I am searching for the perfect fabric bit for you. I’m looking for something wonderful, with a nice story behind it. I hope to find it by wed, so i can bring it for you then!
    Your blog and INN are fantastic.

  • Stephanie at

    Posted about it!! You’re getting a lot of great feedback :]

  • Norma at

    Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this window idea. I don’t have one but I will be looking for one now. I’ll be back. Take care.

  • Sunshine and Shadows at

    I can’t wait to see how your quilt turns out.

  • Rose at

    Oh my I love that fabric! And I agree, Alicia over at Posy Gets Cozy is awesome. She rocks my world. Her blog is one of my favorites, and she always makes the coolest stuff. Good luck on your quilt and thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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