The Good:
The super amazing Heather from WhipperBerry asked me to do a little guest post for her blog this week. I happilly replied yes! I whipped up an amazing recipe for these Strawberry Lemon Yogurt Muffins.


click here for the recipe


I created the recips from two other stellar recipe I have made in the past. These muffins taste like summer and sunshine! Moist, fruity, and a punch of lemon.

Head on over to WhipperBerry for the recipe. As always, pretty please leave lots of lovely comments, I would be honored if she asked me back!
Thanks everyone!

The Bad:
My computer crashed yesterday. I’m not sure how or why but it just wouldn’t turn on. It’s currently at the Apple store which is about 1.5 hours away. Today I’m running on little sleep, little energy and lots of frustration. My Mom is a gem, so I’m using her computer for the evening, but probably won’t be able to post again until Friday or Saturday.
The new issue of FOLK magazine is out, so I will be putting together a little giveaway once I have my computer back. So look for that either Friday or Saturday. Hopefully that will help to forgive my absense for the next few days.

The Ugly:
I did lose everything on my computer based on the Apple’s Phone Support suggestion. Huge, huge bummer. When I arrived at the Apple store today they told me that I shouldn’t have listened to the Phone Support folks, and they probably could have been able to save my information. *bangs head on table*

I am now fully equiped with an external hard drive should this happen again. If I can make a suggestion to anyone else out there that doesn’t want to lose everything on their computer … backup any important information as soon as possible.  Just a friendly suggestion, as I would hate for any of you to be sitting in my shoes.
I’ll be back soon. Thanks so much for understanding.


While I’m away, don’t forget to check out WhipperBerry and all her wonderfulness!


All my best friends!


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  • Ali Richardson at

    OH NO!!! So sorry to hear about this sad news 🙁 Sucks. On the bright side, those muffins look beautiful and super delicious! Mmmm, mmm 🙂

  • Patti at

    Sorry about computer – any idea what happened to it? And your muffins look so delish, and the presentation is lovely!! Save one for me!

  • Kelsey Poofy Cheeks at

    I have heard all of these horror stories and I totally need to get an external hard drive. My hard drive took a crap last year about this time… you would think I would have learned by now!! Knock on wood…

  • Anonymous at

    Chin up, sunshine! Take care of business and you’ll be back in no time. 😉

  • Anonymous at

    oh so sorry, michael. Hope the computer store can make a miracle for you. Good luck! Sharon

  • Round Rock Gal at

    I got a new laptop (Mac Book Air) and have yet to transfer the external hardrive from the old mac to the laptop. I’m doing that today. thanks for the warning!

    The muffins look delicious and I can’t wait to try them. But what I REALLY want to know about, is how you created the picture tutorial for the recipe. Yeah, I know…gorgeous food and I want to know technical stuff about how you brought it altogether.

    I just learned how to use Pages Layout (thank you Apple One-to-One!) so I’m guessing you created the first photograph (with the name of the muffins on it) using that program. Are the muffins sitting on a tablecloth, or did you create that red and white background from the computer?

    Second question – are you using WordPress and if so, is that a Plug-in to create four smaller pictures for the tutorial? (See, I don’t even know how to ask the question properly?)

    Anyway! I’m in the process of moving from Blogger to WP (waiting for the designer to do her magic) and would love to add those type of smaller images to my new site. I can’t be the only one that would love to know the technical info behind the beautiful blog. Could you write an entire post out of this?

    Many thanks! Your creativity is truly inspiring, especially since you seem to be doing this all on a shoe-string budget!

  • Deb Hornick Gotham at

    So sorry about your computer..know how frustrating that is!!
    I can’t wait to try this recipe, your muffins look wonderful!!!

  • Jen at

    Those muffins looks absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to hop over and catch your recipe! I am so sorry about your computer. I have had one crash and lose everything as well. It is so irritating! BTW… I received my FOLK mag last week and was so excited! Thank you!

  • SusanoftheBox at

    I just stopped over here after finding you on Pinterest. I love your stuff! Will be trying lots of your recipes in the near future! Thanks for all your beautiful ideas… and now I’m off to poke around some more!

  • Lori Lucas at

    My husband, a computer IT guy, bought me an external hard drive for my birthday last year. Then he proceeded to hook it up, transfer everything to it, and create new folders on it. The most romantic gift ever!!!! Really!!
    (Not to mention the loads and loads and loads of space they allow!) Love your blog. Lori Lucas

  • Reenie at

    Sorry about your computer 🙁

    Those muffins look de-lish =)

  • Amy R. at

    Oh, I am so so sorry. I bought a hard drive to back everything up about a month ago. I thought my computer was acting a bit slow and I started to worry about everything I had on it.

    Congrats on the guest post for Whipper Berry!

    Amy R.
    {plain & fancy living}

  • The DIY Show Off at

    TGIF! Sounds like you had a rough week (me too – server crashed so NO blog for a few days there). Wishing your computer a speedy recovery! I just recently subscribed to Carbonite…fear of losing everything after my experience this week.

    Those look delicious so I’ll heading over to check it out.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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