the weirdest thing happened yesterday day. i was sitting in my dining room and something caught my eye outside the window. i looked out and saw all this ‘stuff’ flying around. after closer inspection i realized the ‘stuff’ was bees!


Inspired By Charm


sadly, this picture doesn’t do it justice. but surrounding my house (and my house only) were literally thousands of bees. thousands!



Inspired By Charm

after 10 minutes they finally decided to make my weeping crab apple their home.



Inspired By Charm


ya see that big bludge towards the top? all bees. all. freakin’. bees. so, once things settled down my camera and i decided we should go for a closer inspection.



Inspired By Charm


bees sorta of give me the heebie jeebies. but after taking some pictures and watching them they don’t bother me quite as much.(but still do a little … sorry bees)


Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm


look at them all! crazy! right?


Inspired By Charm


but, oddly beautiful in their own little way.


Inspired By Charm


this morning they were barely moving, so i got REALLY close. so close i was afraid i was going to drop my camera on them. that would have been a mess.



Inspired By Charm


these bees are honey bees. which people are pretty concerned these days about the lack of them. (so i hear)there are a couple people in town that keep bees. the plan was to call them to ‘take them.’ (however that goes down.) but this afternoon when i went to check on the little guys. they were all gone.



Inspired By Charm



i guess they saw the bed and breakfast sign in the yard and decided to spend the night. i hope they enjoyed their stay. i kinda miss them now.



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  • Michelle (michabella) at

    EW!!!! Totally creeped out! I have never seen bees all up on a tree like that! Nuts! Great pictures though! <333

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    HOLY COW!!!! I’ve never been too afraid of bees….but this is INSANE! I can’t believe you were brave enough to get that close…I totally have that scene from “My Girl” going through my head! Awesome photos though.

  • EntertainingMom at

    Amazing! Did you get up that close or did you stand at a distance using a zoom lens?

    I am taking my children to an apiary in the town next door in a couple of weeks that was started by a woman who became a bee keeper quite by accident. It’s an amazing story and she documents her journey and shares all that she knows in a book recently published called The Accidental Bee Keeper. As terrified as I am of bees, I am really looking forward to this outing!

  • Chelsea at

    Wow! That’s pretty amazing, both scaring and amazing at the same time. Your pictures of the bees are truly stunning though. The close-ups seems so peaceful and serene.

  • Rachel at

    I cannot believe that! That is the most odd thing I have ever seen. I would have been paniced! I do think it was cute how you said they spent the night because they saw the B&B. So interesting!

  • soulflower at

    that is definitely crazy but cool

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