The Bedroom is Painted

I did it! I painted the guest bedroom!

The Bedroom is Painted | Inspired by Charm

I probably shouldn’t be too celebratory since it took me seven years accomplish this. However, I did reach the goal I set last week, so I’m feeling pretty good.

What an improvement, right? Remember the before

Guest Bedroom: Before | Inspired by Charm

Goodbye pink. Goodbye wallpaper. Hello bright, light-flooded space!

The Bedroom is Painted | Inspired by Charm

As I mentioned, I decided to go with Reserved White from Sherwin Williams. The color is so beautiful. I was hoping for something a bit more white, but I do love how it looks. I think the slightly darker hue helps the molding stand out.

The Bedroom is Painted | Inspired by Charm

The most time-consuming aspect of getting this space painted (which didn’t take all that long) was the prep work. Removing the wallpaper border, patching (and sanding holes), and filling in gaps around the molding always seems to require the most time. While it’s my least favorite part of any painting project, it makes such a difference in the end result. As you’ve probably also discovered, it’s essential for achieving a crisp, clean look.

In addition to painting, I changed the molding around the door to the bathroom. When the house was turned into a B&B, this doorway was created so guests could access this bathroom without leaving their room.

Guest Bedroom: Before | Inspired by Charm

For some reason, the previous owners used standard molding to frame out the door instead of matching the door right next to it. Even though it took a little extra time, I decided that duplicating the original molding was pretty important. In the near future, I will switch out the door to match the other one.

The Bedroom is Painted | Inspired by Charm

You will also notice a lot less furniture in the room. I decided to remove it all from the space. I plan to sell most of the pieces which came with the purchase of the B&B seven years ago. Although many of them are nice, I just have no emotional attachment to them, and they aren’t what I envision for the space.

The Bedroom is Painted | Inspired by Charm

That’s about it. This week I want to get the chandelier hung, install new switch plate / outlet covers, and (weather permitting) paint the bed frame. I’ll try to pop in with updates as those progress.

The Bedroom is Painted | Inspired by Charm

What do you think of the new color? Isn’t paint amazing?

Have a fab week, everyone!

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  • R stein at

    Looks amazing. Can u list the wall and trim name and brand

  • Bela at

    Your home looks gorgeous with Reserved White paint color. I brought a sample and tried it, but it turned out much darker than what I see in your pics. Wondering if you got it at 25% or 50% intensity, or mixed with some white. Please let me know.

  • Angela at

    Hi- the room is lovely. How hard was it to change the molding on the door?

  • House Painter Kent at

    Love the before and after pic. What a difference fresh coat of paint can make vs outdated paint/wall paper. I really like the simple clean white for a bedroom. The white you picked has a bit of softness that makes it perfect for a bedroom. I also notice you kept the white look for your bed sheets and blankets. I like the white bed throw with texture. Great work.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you so much!!

      xo Michael

  • Brettne Shootman at

    I recently had my kitchen/family room painted in SW Reserved white. It looks like an icy blue, which I’m freaking about, as I had wanted something softer for the walls. Your room looks beautiful and I’m wondering what color was used on the trim. I’m hoping I can tone down the walls by using the right trim color. Thanks.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Hey Brettne,

      I feel you. Some grays can be totally have that icy blue look depending on your home and lighting. You can see all my paint colors here: However, my trim is Extra White. (It’s Sherwin Williams Pro Classic, right out of the can.) However, I don’t expect that to change the way the color looks on your wall. Hope that helps.

      xo Michael

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  • Laurie Galloway at

    Looks great! Can you tell me the color of the molding?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It’s just Bright White from Sherwin Williams. Right out of the can.

      xo Michael

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