sure signs



andrea j took the words out of my mouth today.
“I do believe I’m ready to cut winter off at the knees and run willy nilly into spring.”

happy monday! hope your seeing signs of spring in your yard too!

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  • Liza Mae's ReCreations at

    I am wayyy excited about spring! I want to be warm, and smell flowers and play outside with my paint and furniture!!!!

  • Jordan at

    Yesterday looked like Spring here in Utah and then today we’re covered in a thick layer of snow yet again. *sigh*

  • Bethany Dirksen at

    YAY!!! I cant’ wait. It has been beautifully sunny in my world for the past week, but it has been very cold still! Waiting for warmth 🙂

  • kpaints at

    The perfect comment…it says it all for me!!!!!

  • LizzyQue at

    very nice photos, as a series!

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