i guess i’m full of recipes this week. i hope you don’t mind.

i love, love summer. the farmers markets, the plethora of fruits and veggies at the grocery store. it’s so refreshing and nice to have a selection. i wish i had acres of land to plant veggies and berries and melons and squash. yum!


Inspired By Charm


so this morning for breakfast (along with breakfast enchiladas {and all the fixins’}, cherry cream cheese danish, brown sugar bacon, oj, coffee, etc. ) i assembled some delicious summer fruits on a wooden skewer. strawberries, green grapes and watermelon. and for dipping i served them with one of the easiest and most delicious fruit dips!


Inspired By Charm



it’s this easy… you’ll need one jar of marshmallow fluff. (i think it’s like 7 oz .. not the jumbo size) an 8oz block of cream cheese (softened), a cup of vanilla yogurt and a splash of cherry juice.


mix it all together and dive in. it’s honestly that easy. i could seriously sit down and eat a whole bowl of this dip. no fruit required!


a lot of folks make this recipe without the yogurt, but i think it creates a better consistency and a bit of tang and flavor. the splash of cherry juice also add a nice flavor and makes it the most beautiful pink color.


Inspired By Charm


oh, and a sprig of pineapple mint for a fierce garnish. enjoy!

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  • KatiePerk at

    what a gorgeous breakfast! so pretty! I will try that dip. I love fresh fruit!

  • Stephanie at

    so genius! looks so delicious 😛

  • vintage tickled pink at

    thanks i’m trying it this weekend for a little family gettogether! diane

  • Anonymous at

    Hi Michael, just found you from Under the Tulip Tree…love your blog! I’ll be back…there are lots of your recipes I want to try!!

  • EntertainingMom at

    Stunning presentation… I bet it tastes great too!

  • BAHAR at

    yum!! I make my fruit dip with the marshmallow fluff and cream cheese too, but then I add a little bit of brown sugar and vanilla and a splash of orange juice. I love it, I inhale it, I try to quit it, but I can’t!

  • hazel391 at

    I too have use this receipe, but i have never put the yogurt in it, i just have used the marshmellow fluff and the cream cheese and its a very good just like that too, this is simple to make and is delish

  • Leana Mann at

    WOW! This is awesome dip! Enjoyed with fresh strawberries and blueberry muffins over the weekend.
    Just had more over hot, buttered french toast and homemade strawberry/apple/banana jelly! Seems the options may keep my mind & mouth busy for a while. Thank you!

  • Denise at

    This is awesome my grandchildren love this dip and would just eat it with a spoon if we would let them!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for this easy yet yummy recipe!

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